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Apart from the main route, Remnant 2 has plenty of side paths and hidden areas that contain secret treasure or hidden NPCs. These items or NPCs can significantly help you throughout the playthrough by providing items that are much stronger than the items found in the overworld during the main story.

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Nimue is one of these NPCs, and she can only be found by following a specific path in one of the three randomized areas of the game. Even if you explore properly, the path leading to Nimue is easy to miss since you can't get there directly.

Where To Find Nimue

Remnant 2 Beatific Palace Map

If you want to find Nimue in Remnant 2, the first thing you'll have to do is get to the Losomn area. This is one of the three randomized areas in the game, which means you aren't guaranteed to get it as your first world. If you didn't get Losomn and want to reach Nimue, you can either start a new campaign or reroll the current one.

Keep in mind that rerolling a campaign will mean that you lose all your progress, but your character traits and items won't reset.

If you don't want to reroll or start a new campaign, you can simply wait until you reach Losomn as either your third or fourth world. Once you enter the area, you'll spawn in sort of a castle entrance. You can use the marker on the map above to find Nimue from there. An in-depth walkthrough of the path you'll need to take to get to her can be found below.

How To Get To Nimue

Remnant 2 Beatific Palace Top Elevator Near Entry

As soon as you get to Losomn, you'll be in a place called Beatific Palace. Activate the Checkpoint in front and keep going straight until you reach a main path door (rectangular). You can't enter this door just yet. Instead, turn left and head straight to find an elevator with a button in the middle. Stand on the button and take the elevator down.

You'll find another small Checkpoint once the elevator stops and you head straight for a bit. Near the Checkpoint, there'll be two sets of stairs leading up to the same hall. You'll have to fight a bunch of angel-like enemies here before you can move forward. It's recommended to use a good long-range Long Gun for these enemies.

Remnant 2 Losomn Arrow Pointing To A Side Door

After defeating all the enemies, you'll find a small door to the left side of this hall. Enter the door and keep following the path to another hall where you'll be fighting another set of enemies. Once defeated, you have to take some stairs going upward to your right.

Remnant 2 Losomn Second Side Door In Hallway

This will take you to the upper portion of the initial hall where, once again, you'll be fighting a couple of enemies. As soon as you enter this area, follow the hallway on the left side until you reach another small door. If you turn left as soon as you enter, you'll only have to defeat two enemies. After taking the door, you'll have to take a couple of stairs down to reach a special statue.

This statue is marked white on the map, and you can drink from the bowl nearby to instantly cure the CURSED effect.

The progress of this effect is symbolized by a purple bar a bit above your health bar.

Remnant 2 Door Near Bookshelf

Near this statue, you'll see some stairs leading to a cave area. Keep going down and following this path for a while. At some point, the path will get divided into two. One keeps going straight while the other can be seen below a couple of stairs. Take the path below these stairs to get to another elevator.

This is the important part because you don't have to ride the elevator all the way up. Once you step on the button and the elevator starts rising, you'll see a small hallway. The elevator won't stop on this level, and you'll have to jump out. If you miss it, you can ride it back down and jump out in time.

Remnant 2 Hallway To Nimue

Follow the hallway straight until you find another big Checkpoint and a statue beside it. Keep heading straight and a path will lead you directly to Nimue. Keep in mind that this path is a little narrow and you can fall off if you sidestep even a bit. Thankfully, no enemies will spawn after you activate the Checkpoint.

As soon as you reach a giant tomb-shaped hall, Nimue will come out of the waters near the end of the platform. At this point, you can talk to her and she'll tell you exactly who you need to defeat in order to get a special item from this area. As soon as the dialogue ends, her crafting shop will be open for your perusal.

A lot of items made by Nimue might not be available since you don't have the required items.

You'll have to progress the story and explore all the hidden areas in Losomn to get these items.

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