You bought your TCG deck and are starting to build your collection; now, it is time to start looking at where you will put that deck, and what better choice than a stylish deck box? Choosing the correct deck box is essential since some are made to support sleeved cards while others keep in mind that some decks go over one hundred cards.

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Whenever you go for a deck box that highlights your collection or keeps your cards secure while adding some nice tricks, they are an accessory that can rock your world. From Yu-Gi-Oh to Pokemon and Magic, each card game requires a deck box that suits its needs.

The Best TCG Deck Boxes

ZLCA Card Deck box
ZLCA Card Deck Box Fits MTG Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
Best Overall

Sturdy, Elegant and Affordable!

The ZLCA Card Deck box is a jack of all trades that will fit most deck criteria! This classy yet quality box serves as the perfect standard.

  • The jack of all trades deck box.
  • Variety in different colors and Yu-Gi-Oh designs
  • Made of premium quality leather
  • Could have used more designs apart from Yu-Gi-Oh

The ZLCA Card Deck Box is the best overall pick, and with good reason: it is classy, sturdy, and stunning. The box can hold over one hundred cards in sleeves and two hundred without sleeves, and its waterproof surface combined with the tight stitching keeps cards safe.

The highlight of the box is that it is of premium quality, made of leather material on the outside, while on the inside, it features soft microfiber. It is a deck box that is good at everything and can function for any card game. While the central theme is Yu-gi-Oh, it also features other versions to suit your preference.

Pokemon TCG Lucario Focused Fighter Double Deck Box
Pokemon TCG: Lucario Focused Fighter Double Deck Box
Best Budget

Show your inner Aura with Lucario!

This deck box features the popular Pokemon Lucario! Its striking and compact design fits well while delivering a flashy look!

  • A safe deck box to put cards in due to the magnetic locks
  • Includes a name tag for identification or naming of deck
  • Includes two deck boxes
  • Is less premium in terms of quality

Lucario is one of the most popular Pokemon, and this deck box shows how awesome the Pokemon can look in accessories. The Lucario deck box works with a magnetic closure to secure the contents inside of it, and it comes with three dividers to separate cards as needed.

It also includes a name tag to organize the content even more, or add your name to identify yourself as the deck owner if you forget the deck box at a store when playing cards (don't forget your deck box!) as an extra precaution. The Lucario box keeps things tidy while looking striking, which fits the Pokemon well!

ZLCA Card Deck Box for Trading Cards, MTG Commander Deck Box
ZLCA Card Deck Box for Trading Cards, MTG Commander Deck Box
Best for bulky decks

Expand the limits of your decks with this box!

The ZLCA Commander Deck Box is the perfect match for those bulky decks that threaten to not fit in a deck box!

  • A fantastic deck box for MTG Commander
  • Cant fits up to 120 sleeved cards, with a version that can fit 150.
  • U-shape design allows for easy access to cards when taking them out.
  • Dividers might have a hard time fitting in the deck box.

If you play Commander MTG, then you know that putting all those cards in deck boxes can be a challenge. Thankfully, the ZLCA Commander Deck Box is a match made in heaven for the format. This deck box fits the bill if you want a simple look that does the job!

The box can hold up to one hundred and twenty-sleeved cards and comes in various colors! The additional twenty cards that it can hold can serve as a perfect space to introduce a sideboard, allowing you to pack your deck and any last-minute modifications it might need based on the match-up. There is also a version of one hundred and fifty if you desire more space for Commander decks.

2 Boxes Leather Deck Card Boxes Large Size Fit 100 Plus Sleeved Cards Deck Game Box
2 Boxes Leather Deck Card Boxes Large Size Fit 100 Plus Sleeved Cards Deck Game Box
Best Value

Get multiple boxes at an affordable price!

These Weewooday bundle boxes feature a soft interior and duality in their designs, making them an attractive choice if you need multiple containers.

  • Two deck boxes for a great price.
  • Great choice of colors that compliment the boxes as a duo!
  • Self-locking lids to keep cards in order.
  • Value depends on liking both boxes designs.

You built many decks and forgot to buy the deck boxes; fear not! This dual pack will solve any lack of containers you might have! The Weewooday brand features packages of multiple boxes while saving you money at an affordable price, making it easier to get a variety of them quickly and effortlessly.

The boxes are of good quality, with hard covers and scratch-resistant material, making them durable over the years. Each box comes in a different color, and there are multiple packs to choose from, besides having a version that features three deck boxes (that's a lot of deck boxes!). This bundle is perfect if you need quantity while maintaining quality!

Scimi Premium Trading Card Storage Box TCG Deck Case
Scimi Premium Trading Card Storage Box TCG Deck Case
For the Ultimate Card Duelist

Show your commitment to TCG games!

The Scimi Premium Deck Box Case will make you feel like the ultimate duelist! This case contains everything: A place for your playmat, slots to keep dice in, and tons of space!

  • Multiple uses: Can hold various deck boxes or over 800 cards!
  • Looks very professional!
  • It doubles the number of magnetic locks, making it the ultimate case!
  • It can be pricey compared to other deck boxes.

The Scimi Premium Trading Card Storage Box is the ultimate deck box for the top card duelist. This case can contain over eight hundred cards, multiple deck boxes, and a playmat! That is impressive, but the case doesn't stop there; it also comes with eight magnets instead of the usual four to keep things secure and in excellent condition!

It fits the bill for all card games, and you can even pack different card decks in there! It makes for the ultimate form of transportation for all cards on the go; it also includes a slot to pull dice in comfortably and is made of fine leather. This case will make an impression on your opponents and people playing around you, cementing that you are one hardcore duelist!

Ultra Pro Blue Satin Tower Deck Box
Ultra Pro Blue Satin Tower Deck Box
Best Sturdy Box

I cannot open this! I demand you to open now!

The Ultra Pro Satin Tower Deck is the pinnacle of sturdy deck boxes; it can be hard to open! But thanks to that sturdiness, it becomes the ultimate deck box for card safety!

  • The most secure deck box to guaranteed maximum security of cards
  • Feels smooth to the touch, thanks to the Satin material.
  • Ingenious accessory compartment at the bottom of the box!
  • It can be quite hard to open

This box is not going to open accidentally. The Ultra Pro Blue Satin Tower Deck Box has a slot for accessories at the button while sturdy enough that it will not open on accident. This deck box is a wonder for those who prefer to carry their cards on backpacks and packed rowdy containers!

Thanks to its tower shape and rigid material, it protects cards like no other deck box does while being appealing at a glance. The Satin Tower might not be able to house as many cards as other boxes, but it makes up for it thanks to its durability and safety.

These containers will keep your cards in place while filling various roles, whether carrying many decks, containing over a hundred cards, or looking prestigious; a deck box is an accessory that can give flair and distinction to your decks!

Bottom Line

The best pick overall is the ZLCA Card Deck Box as it does an excellent job in every aspect: It's good-looking, features excellent quality in its materials and protection, and can contain over one hundred sleeved cards. A jack of all trades and master of none that will fulfill its job as a deck box for most decks. If you instead want to save money while building a pair of decks, then the Lucario Focused Fighter Deck Box is a good alternative!


Are deck boxes necessary?

While not a must-have, deck boxes still feel reasonably necessary for cards to be in. Without a deck box, transporting decks might prove challenging and frustrating, making them an attractive choice to avoid hassles while keeping cards tidy and secured.

Will my sleeved cards fit in all deck boxes?

It depends on the sleeves and the deck boxes, but some sleeves might be too thick for certain boxes or decks that cannot fit due to the number of cards. Knowing the number of cards and aiming for thin sleeves before selecting a deck box is a good idea.

Is the slot for accessories such as dice or dividers included in all deck boxes?

No, these accessories are more of a bonus feature in certain deck boxes than a norm to have in all of them. Dividers are more common, but slots for dice are less common regarding deck boxes.

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