Apex Legends brings in thousands of players monthly, with an average of over 47 million players in November of 2019. It's no surprise Funko Pop decided to release Pops of some of the characters in that same month. The original 8 were released on the 22nd of November in 2019. With this collection, you can have your very own figure of your favorite legend.

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So far, Funko has released Pops of Wraith, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Mirage, and Bangalore. These Pops also have exclusive versions of themselves available through different retailers. They have varying prices and are a great addition to any Apex Legends player's collection.

8 Pathfinder

Pathfinder Funk on left and exclusive purple on right

Pathfinder is an MRVN (Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity), a Recon Legend, and a beacon of positivity. His abilities include a Zipline Gun, a Grappling Hook, and Insider Knowledge. Pathfinder gets his team in hard-to-reach places and a zipline for all of them to use to escape an ambush.

The figure is standing in his signature pose of a friendly thumbs up. He is in his standard blue color with the 'K.O!' image on his screen. An exclusive 'Sweet 16' version of this figure was released in Target. It is colored pink, purple, and yellow. The screen also displayed an emoticon with heart eyes. The pink version of Pathfinder is quite rare.

7 Gibraltar

Gibraltar Funko next to packaging

Gibraltar is a Defensive Legend with a gentle heart. His backstory is a wild one, and sticks to the SARS (Search and Rescue Association of Solace) motto, being the shield for those in need. He assists his fellow teammates and keeps them safe whilst they heal, and blocks incoming fire.

Gibraltar's Pop has his own shield and his hair in its trademark man-bun. His body is fully black with white armor on top and black kneepads. Additionally, the intricate design on the cloth on his body is replicated in this Pop down to the last line. Funko also ensured to include his jetpack on his back.

6 Lifeline

Apex Legends Lifeline Funko Pop and Exclusive on Right

Lifeline is a medic (Support Legend), aiding her fellow teammates in battle. She has her own drone to easily heal teammates whilst still defending. With an ultimate ability of a defense care package, she's the essential addition to your team. There are two versions of this Pop one with the original suit colors and a Walmart exclusive.

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The original Pop is rocking a sassy wink and her handy earpiece. Leaning on her Medic Drone, she shows a peace sign. On her waist is all her equipment and a saline bag on her chest. She wears classic blue medical gloves and sports a white headband across her forehead. The Walmart exclusive is similar, but with rainbow tie-dye parts on her body and elbows.

5 Caustic

Apex Legends Caustic Funko Pop

Caustic is a Defensive Legend and a former scientist. He specializes in toxic chemicals and kicking butt. Caustic has immunity to his chemicals, allowing him to attack and take down players within the smoke. The two main items he possesses are the Nox Gas Grenade and Nox Gas Trap.

Caustic's Pop is equipped with his own gas mask (not that he needs it) and his handy gas canisters. His body is covered in clothes resembling a yellow surcoat with longer sleeves, possibly to combat some of the chemicals. Black trousers paired with heavy-duty black boots complete the Pop and makes a great representation of Caustic.

4 Wraith

Apex Legends Wraith Funko Pop and Exclusive on Right

Wraith is an Offensive legend with interdimensional capabilities. Wraith can open a Dimensional Rift, allowing her and her team to teleport to a different location. She has the ability to hop in and out of the void, making her hard to detect.

Wraith's Pop has her own unique element, with her eyes being a light blue to represent the void. She's in her full black outfit with brown belts on her waist and arms. Purple accents surround her ankles and on her shoulder pads. An Amazon exclusive of this Pop was also released, in a translucent color palette. On the original Pop, she has a black cape on her back, whereas the exclusive Pop has a see-through cape.

3 Bangalore

Apex Legends Bangalore Funko Pop

Bangalore is an Offensive Legend and an accomplished military sergeant, mourning the unfortunate loss of her brother. She has a smoke launcher creating a smokescreen to attack undetected. The ultimate ability she possesses is 'Rolling Thunder'. This attack is on a larger scale, distracting the enemy and allowing the team to gain the upper hand.

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Bangalore's Pop is wearing her standard brown tactical skirt and black armor. On her body and around her waist are yellow gas cans, ready for throwing. In addition to cans, she carries a weapon and her smoke launcher on the back. With this Pop, Bangalore comes with a red can in her hand and a Rolling Thunder artillery rocket by her side.

2 Mirage

Apex Legends Mirage Funko Pop and Exclusive on Right

Mirage is an Offensive Legend with an affinity for holograms. He can trick the opposition into thinking they caught him, giving him an easy escape. His 'Psyche Out' ability sends out a single hologram of him to confuse the enemy. The ultimate 'Life Of The Party' ability creates an entire group of holograms.

Mirage's Pop is wearing his yellow quilted clothing with black armor on top. He has the discs on his arms, which allow him to create holograms. A bandolier is on his chest, and a buckled belt around his waist. A yellow and red star is on his thigh belts, identical to Mirage's skin. Wearing black fingerless gloves, he strikes a finger-gun-like pose. The Pop imitates his floppy hair pushed up with orange shades. Another exclusive version of Mirage was released, with his Pop having half his body colored a translucent blue.

1 Bloodhound

Apex Legends Bloodhound Funko Pop

Bloodhound is a Recon Legend, a heavy believer in destiny, and a follower of the Old Ways. They have insane tracker skills, calling upon Norse Gods to aid them. With their ability of the 'Eye Of The Allfather', they can reveal hidden traps and enemies. Bloodhound also can use their ability of 'Beast Of The Hunt', allowing them to increase their speed and zero in on their prey.

Bloodhound's Pop is a great rendition of the character. On their head features the magnificent helmet with the hanging cords on the sides and their red gas mask. The Pop wears full brown clothing with green armor. Similar to the real Bloodhound, the Pop has got an extensive amount of pockets. Their Pop also includes Bloodhound's companion raven Artur, perched on their arm.

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