After months of rumours and leaks, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 has officially been revealed via a new trailer that shows Squidward, Jimmy Neutron, and more are joining the roster.

One of the worst-kept secrets in the gaming industry over the last few months is that Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 is in development, with leaks initially starting all the way back in January. First, Danny Phantom's new model was leaked and Squidward was suggested to be playable, and then El Tigre's inclusion in the game was also leaked and shared by a developer on the game, essentially confirming that All-Star Brawl 2 was real.

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Now, it seems that developers Ludosity and Fair Play Labs have decided to get ahead of the leaks and confirm the game for themselves with a new trailer that reveals a bunch of new features that are coming to the sequel. The most exciting thing that the trailer shows off is the new playable fighters joining the roster, which so far include Jimmy Neutron and Squidward Tentacles, who were both some of the most highly-requested characters for the last game.

Ludosity will likely breakdown both of the new character's moves in the near future, but for now some of the ones we spotted for Squidward include his Captain Magma volcano burst, a bold and brash painting attack, and even a reference to Band Geeks with his clarinet. It's a lot harder to make out moves for Jimmy Neutron, as he's only shown very briefly at the end of the trailer, but it looks like he's got his rocket pack for a recovery and some kind of gun for one of his ground attacks.

They aren't the only new fighters joining the game, however. While the trailer only specifically highlights Squidward and Jimmy, Donatello and Raphael can also be spotted at several points in the footage, finally rounding out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles roster. We don't get to see any other new fighters in the footage, but it's worth remembering that El Tigre was seemingly leaked just a few weeks ago, so you can probably consider him as part of the roster for now.

Outside of new fighters, Ludosity and Fair Play Labs also revealed that the game will feature a campaign mode, one that IGN reports will have the player going up against Vlad Plasmius from Danny Phantom, which likely means that he's a playable character too. IGN also suggests that the game will feature "Supers", which likely act in a similar way to Final Smashes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and also indicate that the gameplay mechanics have seen a big switch up since the last game.

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