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Cameron Miller is a writer with over five years of creative writing experience - both personally and for clients around the world. To date, has written four full-length novels ranging from 49,000 words on the low end to 99,000 words on the high end. Cameron is deeply involved in daily pop culture, and what he affectionately refers to as nerd culture.

Mr Smee from Peter Pan, Iago from Aladdin, and Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove 1
The 10 Best Disney Villain Sidekicks

Here are the best villain sidekicks in Disney movies!

Game Characters With Heterochromia Alear, Yuna, Handsome Jack 1
10 Video Game Characters With Heterochromia

With an instantly recognizable visage, these character designs all have two different colored eyes.

Captain Hook, Yzma, and Jafar 1
Which Disney Villain Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

TheGamer knows best, after all.

A collage showing the Dragorn born in mist and a Khajiit character. 1
10 Great Role-Playing Ideas For Your Next Skyrim Playthrough

Reasons for your 1432nd character.

Overlord 2, Pikmin 4, Tinykin 1
10 Games To Play If You Like Pikmin 4

Strategy titles and other colorful experiences are waiting for you.

Super Mario Odyssey, Banjo Kazooie, and Sonic Adventure 2 1
10 Best Platformer Levels Of All Time

Single levels that hallmark legendary games.

A collage showing three Disney characters. 1
10 Cancelled Disney Movies You Didn't Know Exist

These Disney movies sounded great on paper, but somewhere along the way got cancelled. Here are the ones that got away.

A collage showing Yoshi, Captain Falcon, Pikachu, and Greninja. 1
20 Great Characters For Beginners In Smash Ultimate

From formidable Fire Emblem sword-wielder Ike to Mario himself, here are some of the very best characters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate newcomers.

Disney Castles from Beauty And The Beast, Tangled, and Snow White 1
10 Best Disney Castles

Because princesses don't live in mid-town apartments.

Resident Evil Spencer Mansion, Titan Elementary in Dead Space 2, The Apartments Silent Hill 2 1
10 Scariest Horror Levels Of All Time

We could barely hold the controller while going through these.

A collage showing the worlds of Chrono Trigger, Genshin Impact, and Bloodborne. 1
10 Best Fantasy Settings In Gaming

Magic lands await.

Link looks puzzled and drives a Zonai car 1
10 Experiments You Have To Try In The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The immense playground that the game offers should be used to its fullest with these interesting experiments.

Tails lands in Sonic 2, Ashley Johnson in The Avengers, and Raphael from TMNT 1
10 Video Game Actors You Didn't Know Were In Films

Here are the best video game actors that also showed up in films!

A robot in Horizon Call Of The Mountain, a pilot in Star Wars: Squadrons, a  charcter punches in SUPERHOT 1
10 Most Innovative VR Games To Try Out

Here are the most innovative VR video games!

Collage of NHL Hitz check, Donkey Kong characters, and Contra characters in a jungle. 1
10 Game Genres That Stopped Getting Made

Here we have all the game genres that are not as popular anymore!

Bioshock 2 Subject Delta, Portal companion cube, Celeste reaching for a strawberry 1
10 Games That Would Be Even Better With A Narrator

Here are the best games that would be better with a narrator!

Tidus Final Fantasy 10, Sora and his friends in Kingdom Hearts, and Joker from Persona 5 1
10 RPGs Where Fashion Choices Are A Bigger Problem Than The Bad Guys

These RPG characters surely can't fight crime looking like this.

Pokemon Trainer, Link on Epona, Geralt with a thumbs up 1
The 10 Best Wrong Ways To Play Your Favourite Video Games

Sure, these may not be the 'intended' ways to play your favourite games, but they're fun anyway.

The Dragon-Born shouts, a dragon land, and a companion covered in face paint 1
The 10 Best Wrong Ways To Play Skyrim

There are a lot of ways to play Skyrim - here are all the ways you shouldn't.

Nathan Drake in front of a wreck, Sephiroth by shimmering light, and Max Payne 1
10 Game Characters Who Would Definitely Be Gamers In The Real World

These characters would definitely be gamers, trust us.

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