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25-Mattel’s Girl Power Nonsense 1
I Am Already Tired Of Mattel's Girl Power Nonsense

We’ve entered an era of corporations selling us trite social justice values like a product

22-Oppenheimer-Long Gone Days 1
The Oppenheimer Discourse Has Me Thinking About My Favourite Indie Game About War

Long Gone Days confronts the evil of war in a very real way

21-Side Quest Progress Doesn’t Transfer In Diablo 4 Seasons 1
It Sucks That Side Quest Progress Doesn’t Transfer In Diablo 4 Seasons

I don’t want to have to do the same missions over and over again

Game art and screen from Diablo 4. 1
Diablo 4's Equipment Vendors Are Completely Pointless

No point buying from them, no point selling to them. What are they even for?

10-Barbie’s Allan Is One Of My New Favourite 1
Barbie Oppenheimer 1
They Cloned TYrone 1
Don’t Sleep On The Best Straight-To-Netflix Movie Of The Year

They Cloned Tyrone is an instant sci-fi Blaxploitation classic

These Developers Are Making Games For The Love Of Art, Not For Money 1
These Developers Are Making Games For The Love Of Art, Not For Money

Some developers spend years making indie games with techniques that might be considered unnecessarily time-consuming, and I love them for it

World of Warcraft AI article 1
A Group Of WoW Redditors Successfully Trolled A News Website That Uses AI To Generate Articles

They successfully got an article to be published about a totally made-up change to World of Warcraft called ‘Glorbo’.

Diablo 4 interview 1
We Spoke To Blizzard Devs About New Dungeons, Malignant Hearts And More In Diablo 4's First Season

There’s much to be excited about when it comes to the Season of the Malignant.

gaming microtransactions 1
UKIE Needs To Go Further And Make It Harder For Children To Make Micro-Transactions

Children and parents need more protection from predatory practices

Neopets 1
Millennials, Neopets Is So Back

Goodbye metaverse, hello nostalgia!

Starfield Outlaws 1
Star Wars Outlaws' Lack Of Procedural Generation Is A Win For Gamers

Sure, it’s smaller than Starfield, but that’s a good thing

FlashCoin - its worthless! 1
Warner Brothers And DC Selling The Failed Flash Movie On The Blockchain Is Sad And Desperate

Throwing blockchain into the mix isn’t going to make The Flash break even

Venba 1
Love Diaspora Narratives? Venba Might Be For You

Venba is a cooking game, yes, but it tackles heavy themes like loss of culture and language barriers

Netflix Games 1
Netflix Games Is Doomed To Failure If It Won't Promote Its Best Games

Netflix keeps failing to sell its games arm to mainstream consumers. Why have these games and not talk about them?

26-Oxenfree 2 Was An Allegory For Substance Abuse 1
For Me, Oxenfree 2 Was An Allegory For Substance Abuse

Oxenfree 2 is all about cycles and choices

36-Twitter’s Unsustainable Creator Monetisation 1
Twitter’s Unsustainable Creator Monetisation Doesn’t Even Apply To Everyone Fairly

It’s probably just going to incentivise blue checks to rage-bait for engagement

35-Hollywood Is Rotten To The Core 1
Hollywood Is Rotten To The Core

Studio executives are exhibiting shockingly villainous behaviour towards unions

25-The Screen Actors Guild Is Striking 1
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