The recently-revealed Spider-Man 2 limited edition PS5 console plates, which sold out near-instantly yesterday, are being scalped for up to three times their recommended retail price.

If you're looking to go all in on Insomniac Games' Spider-Man 2 this year, then San Diego Comic-Con had some great news for you, as not only was a limited edition PS5 bundle revealed, but so were separate releases for the special DualSense and PS5 console plates. Yesterday, all of those accessories went up for sale at PlayStation Direct and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it looks like most of the items have already sold out.

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As of the time of writing, the only thing that's remaining on PlayStation Direct in the UK is the PS5 bundle itself, which is unsurprising considering the price of it. The DualSense appears to mostly be out of stock everywhere I've looked, but it is available if you have a search, as I managed to pick one up from GAME without too much trouble. That being said, there's one item that's not available anywhere and appears to have sold out as soon as it was put up for sale - the PS5 console covers.

Spider-Man 2's limited edition console plates going for £180 on eBay.

This isn't too surprising considering the covers are essentially to easiest way to have the limited edition PS5 without having to shell out for a whole new console. With the console covers evidently being so popular and hard to find, you won't be surprised to discover that scalpers are attempting to sell them for some extortionate prices over on eBay.

Heading over to eBay to search for the console covers shows that they're being put up for sale at anywhere between £120 and £200, which is ridiculous when you remember that they're retailing for £55. On average, most sellers are asking for at least triple the price that Sony is, something that some might actually go for considering how hard they are to find. It's not just the console covers, either. The limited edition Spider-Man 2 DualSense, which retails for £69.99, is currently up for sale on eBay for around £120. It makes me sad to even say this but, at least it's not triple the asking price, right?

Sadly, it looks like scalpers are going to win this battle, as Insomniac Games has confirmed on Twitter that it's "unlikely" that the console covers will be restocked at any point. That seems like a silly move from Sony considering how popular these cases clearly are, but it also might end up changing as we get closer to the game's release, so don't go jumping straight to eBay.

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