Twitch streamer and YouTuber General Sam just had what will probably go down as one of the most memorable fan mail streams ever. For some reason, fans decided to make this a PO box opening General Sam would never forget, gifting him a dead pig and a uranium ore. Yes, really.

We even got a good glimpse at what seems to be the dead pig vacuum sealed into some plastic live on stream, in case you've ever wondered what that would look like. General Sam is just as taken aback as you'd expect, and comments that the smell was like... well, exactly what you'd expect a dead pig to smell like. Not great. Then, as if the smell of rotting (?) farmyard animals wasn't bad enough, the streamer was also treated to some uranium, which is something you can apparently just send in the post like that.

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"Don’t send me shit like this," says General Sam, showing the dead pig's body off to the camera. "Believe it or not, I don’t want a fucking embalmed pig, alright? I know I seem like an embalmed pig kind of guy... this ain’t me dude."

"Oh look, he's got his little tongue out," Sam continues, holding the poor fella even closer to the camera for a better look at the face. Mercifully, the bag isn't clear enough for us to get a great look at the finer details. But the pig was definitely incredibly young, which sucks.

Over on Twitter, Sam seems to be at a loss for what to do with the little guy. I mean, it's hardly a situation you really prepare yourself for. Few of us would have the storage space for the thing.

But for whatever reason, the unique gifts didn't stop there. Sam went on to receive a box labelled "Radioactive material. Uranium ore". He promptly removed this from the house, which is probably the best way to store it. Apparently, the radiation level is actually safe, hence how the fan was able to send it in the post. But honestly? I think few of us would be taking our chances. Straight in the bin with it.

Regardless, Sam took it all in good spirits, more so than you'd really expect from a content creator unpackaging dead flesh and radioactive material. He's a good sport, that can't be denied. Although streamers may want to think twice about hosting a PO box opening if their fanbase is a little on the weird side.

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