Twitch is one of the most popular livestreaming services available, and it offers a variety of content, from music to gaming to cooking.

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June 6, 2011
Emmett Shear
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ESO Pride 1
Report: Zenimax Is Doing "Nothing" To Combat Anti-LGBTQ+ Bigotry In ESO

“We need to feel safe and a lot of us in the ESO community do not feel safe."

twitch-streamer-general-sam 1
Twitch Streamer Unboxes Dead Pig And Uranium Ore Sent By "Fans"

"Believe it or not, I don’t want a f**king embalmed pig, alright?"

Elden Ring Malenia dying as Klaus the goldfish in a robot suit from American Dad watches 1
Someone's Goldfish Just Beat Malenia In Elden Ring

Forget Let Me Solo Her, now a goldfish is putting us all to shame.

A split image of Post Malone, Madison Beer, and Soulja Boy from their Twitch livestreams.  1
8 Celebrities Who Stream Video Games

Musicians, politicians, and other famous people that we have watched on Twitch.

kick promotional image with glowing k surrounded by tech baubles 1
What Is Kick?

Kick is a new livestreaming service that's making waves in the gaming community, but what exactly is it?

Coco running away from N. Brio and his Slime Monster, in Crash Team Rumble 1
Crash Team Rumble Only Has Under 30 Viewers On Twitch

Games with more viewers right now include Crash Team Racing, Black Ops 4, Tomb Raider Level Editor, Gollum, and somehow, MultiVersus.

kick streaming 1
Here's Why Everyone Hates Kick Streaming

Kick is the latest Twitch competitor, but it’s incredibly controversial for a number of reasons

Amouranth and Pokimane Kick 1
Everybody Is Wrong In Pokimane Vs Amouranth

Pokimane says her "morals" stop her from Kick, Amouranth says she's trying to "get clout". But Pokimane could do more and Amouranth isn't playing fair

XQC streaming on Kick 1
What Is xQc Doing At Kick?

Kick is paying huge money for xQc to stream on the platform, but why does he seem determined to waste it with petty rule breaking?

Amouranth streaming on Twitch competitor, Kick 1
Another Loss For Twitch As Amouranth Joins Kick

Twitch's biggest female streamer moves to Kick, just days after the huge xQc deal.

xqc 1
xQc Is Ditching Twitch For Kick After Signing $100 Million Deal

xQc has signed a two-year $70 million non-exclusive contract that could go up to $100 million with incentives.

Twitch Partner Plus streamer silhouette 1
Twitch’s New Partner Plus Program Sucks

Once again, Twitch proves it doesn’t care about smaller streamers

TimTheTatMan Call of Duty Warzone operator 1
[Update] TimTheTatMan Wants Call Of Duty Operator Removed In "Support" Of Nickmercs

Call of Duty is removing TimTheTatman's operator bundle after he came out in "support" of Nickmercs, who had his own removed for anti-LGBTQ+ comments.

43-Jirard the Completionist-The Media Indie Exchange 1
The Summer's Big Indie Game Event Gets Shut Down, The Completionist Saves The Day

Jirard the Completionist saved a disastrous situation at The MIX by bringing indie devs to an all-night streaming showcase.

Adin Ross streaming in his bedroom 1
Adin Ross Calls For Journalist's Death, Tells Hasan To Kill Himself

Adin Ross went on a transphobic and homophobic rant after calling for the deaths of a journalist and Twitch streamer.

Person holding up a can of soup to a camera 1
Twitch Is Shafting Streamers, Again

Twitch is rolling out advertising changes that make it harder for streamers to earn money, in the service’s latest anti-worker move

Person holding up a can of soup to a camera 1
Twitch Angers Streamers With New Ad Rules, Immediately Apologizes

Twitch has angered its content creators yet again, this time with bizarre changes to its ad rules.

amouranth (2) 1
Amouranth Goes After Companies Supporting Abusive Deepfake Sites

Amouranth calls out companies advertising on deepfake sites, saying their "principles go out the door".

Twitch AAPI Tweet 1
Twitch Made Another Bad Tweet, This Time For AAPI Month

Choose your fighter: “Waymond The Dad”, Goku (???), or Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.

Amouranth's New AI App Is Very Creepy 1
Amouranth's New AI App Is Very Creepy

The CEO of Forever Voices AI says that the company ‘democratises access’ to influencers, which… ew.