Adin Ross, the streamer that recently made the news for telling other content creators to kill themselves, is shocked to discover that his own team considers him a "brand risk". This comes after he livestreamed a phone call in which he complains to his manager over his inability to secure celebrity collabs - something Ross was shocked to learn might be his own fault.

In the call, Ross's manager doesn't hold back, telling the streamer that his reputation is "so toxic", making potential guests "afraid to be seen" with him. Ross pushes back, saying that he's "stopped having Nazis [on stream]", seemingly believing this is enough to save his brand.

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Given Ross's confusion over this pretty unsurprising news, a clip of the phone call has gone viral, particularly the part where Ross brushes off his notorious association with Nazis. This includes but is not limited to his attempt to get Kanye West on stream while he was in his Hitler-defending era.

"Where's Drake's stream? Where's Future's stream? Where's Uzi's stream? Where's [the] Travis stream?" rants Ross, speaking with his manager while live on Kick. "Get me some people on my stream, bro."

The manager doesn't mince his words, telling Ross exactly why he's struggling to secure guests for his show.

"I would be getting you guests if they weren't all afraid to be seen with you," the manager replies. "Your reputation is just so toxic, no one wants to be anywhere near you. Drake is literally streaming with a guy on here who averages like 4,000 fucking viewers, rather than getting on your shit."

Andrew Tate is on the left, shaking hands with Adin Ross on the right. There is a chess board in between them.

This is when the fun begins. Not quite believing what he's hearing, Ross responds, "Wait, so it's because I'm a brand risk?" To which his manager quickly replies: "Uh, duh."

Asking why celebrities would care about associating their brand with a brand risk, the manager explains that it's due to his proximity to the likes of Andrew Tate, and even open Nazis such as Nick Fuentes. Ross retorts that he has since stopped having Nazis on his stream. He has, however, platformed Fuentes multiple times this year alone.

Then, there are his recent controversies. Not only has he been continuously defending Andrew Tate and bigging up Donald Trump, he also made the news for wishing for the deaths of Twitch Stream Hasan Piker and journalist Jake Lucky. With that in mind, he's unlikely to secure his dream guests anytime soon.

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