kick streaming 1
Here's Why Everyone Hates Kick Streaming

Kick is the latest Twitch competitor, but it’s incredibly controversial for a number of reasons

Amouranth streaming on Twitch competitor, Kick 1
Another Loss For Twitch As Amouranth Joins Kick

Twitch's biggest female streamer moves to Kick, just days after the huge xQc deal.

Andrew Tate standing next to Adin Ross. There is an aquarium behind them.  1
Adin Ross Shocked To Discover That He's A "Brand Risk"

"Your reputation is just so toxic, no one wants to be anywhere near you."

amouranth (2) 1
Amouranth Goes After Companies Supporting Abusive Deepfake Sites

Amouranth calls out companies advertising on deepfake sites, saying their "principles go out the door".

17-Kick Reportedly Offers Kai Cenat And iShowSpeed $40 Million To Leave Twitch 1
Kick Reportedly Offers Kai Cenat And iShowSpeed $40 Million To Leave Twitch

"That just goes to show you bro, it’s NBA money."

2-YouTuber Sprays Gamers With Deodorant 1
YouTuber Sprays Gamers With Deodorant, Told Off By Convention Staff

Boggles has been banned from all future DreamHack events for spraying convention goers and staff with deodorant.

Composite image showing xQc and various other shitpost type pics as the streamer gloats over retaking the Minecraft speedrun record from Forsen 1
xQc Retakes Minecraft Speedrunning Record From Forsen

Forsen had set a blistering time a couple months ago, but the intense rivalry continues as xQc regains the top spot.

Project V Teaser 1
Top Fortnite Streamers Team Up To Create Their Own Battle Royale

SypherPK, CourageJD, Ninja, Nickmercs, and TimtheTatman will be making their own battle royale using Unreal Editor for Fortnite.

Kick 1
Kick Is Already Cracking Down On Hot Tub Streams And Sexual Content

Things were simpler when it was just farting into and licking mics.

jidion 1
Kick 1
adin-ross-event 1
Adin Ross Followed Donald Trump Around UFC Last Night

"Will Adin sniff Donald Trump's chair?”

Kick Dot Com Logo 1
Kick Accused Of Faking Views To Appear Successful

Success isn't always what it seems.

A split image showing Forsen on the left side and xQc on the right with Minecraft in the background 1
Forsen And xQc's Minecraft Speedrunning Rivalry Continues As New Record Is Set

Forsen reclaims the crown with a stunning new Minecraft speedrunning record.

twitch logo 1
Twitch Lays Off More Than 400 Workers, CEO Emmett Shear Steps Down

"User and revenue growth has not kept pace with our expectations."

A cartoon Burrito Speedrunning 1
Inside The Chaotic World Of Burrito Speedrunning

Burrito speedrunning is just as gross as it sounds

xqc-ludwig-pair 1
xQc AI Chatbot Bashes "Most Braindead Streamer" Ludwig, Leaving xQc Stunned

“I mean, the guy doesn’t know how to do anything except play melee, really.”

3-KSI Plans To Fight Either Jake Paul Or Tommy Fury Before He Retires This Year 1
KSI Plans To Fight Either Jake Paul Or Tommy Fury Before He Retires This Year

KSI has laid out his fight plans for 2023 but says he'll return to music in 2024.

kai-cenat-grey 1
Kai Cenat Wins Streamer Of The Year At The Streamer Awards

"God, I did it again, you feel what I’m saying?"