Former Twitch streamer Adin Ross, who is already infamous for transphobic tweets, paying people to "act Black", saying homophobic slurs, and being mentored by Andrew Tate, is in hot water after calling for two people's deaths.

"Jake Lucky deserved to be [stoned] to death, on god," Ross said. "You need to be bullied." This isn't the first time that he's made threatening comments toward Lucky, as he said "keep yourself safe :)" back in February after Ross live-streamed porn to his viewers.

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Jake Lucky is a journalist who shares gaming, streaming, and esports news on his YouTube channel Gamer Update. He had a tweet go viral in March earlier this year where he said, "I feel like the biggest risk for Kick is Adin Ross". Ross responded saying that he has an "adin ross hate agenda", but it's unclear what sparked his new tweet. All Lucky had to say in response was, "Adin :(".

Ross didn't stop there, as he also begged Twitch streamer Hasan Piker to kill himself, "Hasan pls kys I'll do anything. Please." Again, it's unclear what sparked this tweet, but only 16 hours ago, Hasan responded to news that Ross has banned him and Mizkif from joining Kick, a rival streaming platform.

"more streaming platforms means twitch can't make decisions like the ones from yesterday," Hasan tweeted. "this will improve the space for streamers and watchers alike. for that reason i hope kick becomes successful, in spite of this little gremlin [Ross] doing his very best to undermine that. having said that banning me from kick when i have no intention of going there is pretty funny, like i'm good man thanks."

As reported by SportsKeeda, Ross went on a further homophobic and transphobic rant directed at Hasan, "Also - all for ppl themselves I love everyone but [Hasan] pushes agendas on children. Pre dick suck saying I gamble to underage audience blah blah blah ... you're forcing underrated transgender surgeries etc. creep.

"Hassan u push a gay agenda for little boys and girls. You're a creep, you're going to hell."

Painting being gay or standing up for LGBTQ+ rights in the same light as being a child predator is a common right-wing homophobic tactic to try and villainise queer people. We see it time and time again, especially as teachers are told not to mention queerness and as drag teachers are banned from performing in front of kids. Given that Ross has, in the past, posted transphobic statements like "there are only two genders" and used the f-slur in a derogatory manner, it's not too surprising that he's subscribing to these tactics.

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