Twisted Metal has a release date. The live-action show coming from PlayStation Studios will be broadcast on NBC's Peacock streaming platform starting on July 27, and to give us a preview of what's in store, there's a new teaser being streamed on PlayStation's social channels.

The trailer starts with Anthony Mackie's character putting a Compact Disc into his heavily-modified Subaru Impreza's CD player. And what song would an amnesiac milkman play while driving across a post-apocalyptic wasteland? The 1999 classic "Steal My Sunshine" by Len of course.

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The teaser makes a screeching tonal halt after the title appears, and we're taken to fabulous Lost Vegas where a lone ice cream truck plays a sad and distressing tune. Twisted Metal cover boy and series antagonist Sweet Tooth seems just as deranged as he does in the games, and with Samoa Joe as the body and Will Arnett as the voice, I'm expecting a command performance from the homicidal clown

It's interesting to note that Road Kill, John Doe's car (as played by Anthony Mackie) was historically a Dodge Charger in the video game series. Switching it out for a Subaru is an interesting departure that fans are surely going to note. Of course, this is just a teaser, and Doe could very well wind up wrapping his Subaru around a telephone pole in the first episode, necessitating a swap to a new Road Kill with a Dodge badge on the front.

For those unaware, Twisted Metal is the upcoming live-action adaptation of the vehicular combat game franchise. The story will follow John Doe as he enters the Twisted Metal competition to deliver a package across a desert wasteland. Along the way, he'll need to fight off bandits and marauders, as well as a "deranged clown who drives an all too familiar ice cream truck." The show will also star Haden Church as Agent Stone, Neve Campbell as Raven, and Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet. Filming wrapped last August, with PlayStation Studios senior producer Carter Swan comparing the show to something like a car-focused Zombieland.

And it's not just a Twisted Metal TV show fans have to look forward to. A Twisted Metal reboot is currently in production with Firesprite Studio after taking over for Lucid Games. It might even have a VR mode that'll make it playable with the PS VR2. However, that game doesn't have a release date, and switching developers is never a great sign.

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