Mortal Kombat 1 might still have a few characters left on the roster to reveal and not even be out yet, but that hasn't stopped some fans from already picking a favourite Fatality after the latest trailer.

Although most of us thought that we'd be waiting until EVO to get more Mortal Kombat 1 news, Ed Boon surprised everyone yesterday with a brand-new trailer that confirmed that Geras is back and more timey-wimey than ever before. You might think that a new character reveal would be the unarguable highlight of the trailer, but it seems that a lot of fans are instead choosing to praise one particularly excellent and grisly Fatality instead.

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As is standard for most Mortal Kombat reveals, the end of the trailer featured a glimpse at some new Fatalities. The first was Geras', which features him summoning the sands of time and using them to grind his opponent down until they're half the person they once were. It's a much better Fatality than the ones he had in Mortal Kombat 11, but Geras was unfortunately instantly outshined by Liu Kang, who was the secondary focus of the trailer.

Liu Kang's second Fatality has him grabbing his opponent by the neck before taking them through a wormhole into space. After doing this, he snaps his fingers to summon what appears to be a black hole, which then sucks poor Sub-Zero's insides out and tears his skin off, leaving him looking like Mortal Kombat 4's Meat.

Compared to the other Fatalities that we've seen so far, it's an incredible spectacle and arguably goes further than any other finisher in Mortal Kombat history. Fans were quick to notice how great the Fatality is, as the Mortal Kombat subreddit is currently full of posts praising it, with some even calling it their favourite Fatality in the whole game.

Take Redditor Snail132 for example, who shared an image of Liu Kang's incredible display of his godhood and said "Already my favourite fatality". The post has quickly become one of the most-upvoted in the last 24 hours, with 788 likes as of the time of writing, which seems to indicate that it's quickly become a favourite for other fans as well.

Snail132 isn't the only one to call it their favourite already, either. Redditor Anicat17 shared a video of the Fatality in action and said, "To me, this is already the best fatality in the game". This is a pretty impressive response considering we've not even seen every character in the game yet, let alone all of the Fatalities.

While other fans aren't as quick to call dibs on this being the best finisher in the game, the move has caused a lot of discussion on the subreddit in regard to how great it is, as well as what it means for how powerful Liu Kang is in this game. Even if everyone isn't so quick to fall in love, it's clear that this is already the most talked-about Fatality in the game and one that's going to be incredibly hard to top.

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