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Yaesha is one of the three randomized areas in Remnant 2, and it has a bunch of side paths including the Cathedral of Omens. This is a rare location where you won't be fighting any enemy, but you'll have to solve multiple puzzles to get all the hidden treasure. You'll see a giant mechanism when you enter the main hall in the area.

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You'll also find two locked doors with interesting symbols above them. Apart from that, there's also a third hidden treasure location in the area that gives you a bow-type Long Gun. Here's everything you need to do to get these items.

How To Find Clues To Solve The Puzzle

Remannt 2 Single Page In Cathedral Of Omens

If you're trying to solve the Cathedral of Omens puzzle, assigning directions and taking screenshots is one of the most important aspects. As soon as you enter the area, you'll see three levers. One lever will be right in front as you enter, one on the open door to the left, and the last one on the closed door to the right.

In the middle, you'll see a mechanism with three sets of items that are casting shadows on the floor. The three lever control these items in the following way:

  • The first lever you find as soon as you enter the area controls two circles that are in opposite directions and a triangle connecting them. This is the most important part of the puzzle.
  • The lever to the right will control the shapes on the mechanism. Each shape has a specific meaning, which can be found in a certain clue discussed below.
  • Finally, the lever to the left contains the two adjacent circles.

You'll also find a piece of paper outside that talks about "The Beginning". There'll be a triangular symbol below the heading which will match the symbol on top of this door. Moreover, the page will talk about the Sun, Moon, and Life. On these pages, you just need to remember the words written in full capital letters or the words that are italicized like "above" or "below".

Remannt 2 Room With Clue Book

To the right of the door that you used to enter this area, you'll find another small door, which will have a book inside. This book contains three more headings with a triangular symbol below each of them, and they also contain bold and italic words similar to the page found before. It's recommended to take screenshots of the pages of this book.

At the start, it'll also have some names with their symbols beside them. These symbols match the ones on the top row of the mechanism, which will allow you to start connecting the dots.

Front Door Puzzle Solution

Remannt 2 Cathedral Of Omens Triangle Symbol Above Front Door

To solve the Cathedral of Omens puzzles, you'll need to start looking at one door at a time. Start by looking at the door right in front of the area's entrance. This has a triangle facing to the left side. Another important thing to note here is that the mechanism's front (or north) direction changes based on the door you're trying to open.

The door you're trying to open is always considered the front or top of the mechanism, which decides the movement of the shadows.

This first puzzle is simpler since the front direction is the one you're facing as you enter the area. Head to the lever near the entrance and keep interacting with it until the triangle faces the left side. Now, consult the screenshots from the book and you'll see that the symbol belongs to The Calamity.

Remannt 2 Cathedral Of Omens Front Door Solution

It talks about The Ravager, The Doe, and Death. You can see the word "above" beside Death on the last part of this heading. Head to the lever on the right that controls the symbols and rotate it until the Ravager and The Doe are on the circles controlled by the entrance lever and the Death symbol is on the top part of the triangle since it's "above".

If you're looking from the entrance lever, The Doe symbol will be at the bottom, The Ravager at the top, and Death on the bottom left. Finally, rotate the lever on the left until one circle is over the Death symbol and the other one over The Doe. This will open the front door and you can claim your prize.

Right Door Puzzle Solution

Remannt 2 Cathedral Of Omens Symbol On Right Door

Before you start solving the door on your right, it's recommended to trigger a Blood Moon in Yaesha. This is a random environment exclusive to this area but you can use a trick to get it whenever you want. Once the Blood Moon is active, look at the right door and you'll find out that the triangle is facing to the top left side.

As mentioned above, the front direction of the puzzle changes according to the door. The top left side for this puzzle would be the top right side from the entrance lever. Rotate the triangle until it faces this direction and then refer to the book again. This triangle shape belongs to The Blood Moon and talks about Moon, Sun, and The Ravager.

Remannt 2 Cathedral Of Omens Right Door Puzzle Solution

You can also find the italic word "below" beside The Ravager on the second page. Rotate the symbols until the Sun is on the left circle of the triangle and the moon is on the right. This will bring The Ravager's symbol below the triangle. Now, simply rotate the two adjacent circles until they're on The Ravager and Moon.

Apart from the open loot in this door, you'll also find a hatch that opens only during Blood Moon. Going down this path gives you a ring and three Blood Moon Essence.

Secret Final Puzzle Solution

Remannt 2 Entrance Door Puzzle Solution

If you look above the door that you used to initially enter this area, you'll find another triangle that faces the top right side. To solve this, use the entrance lever until the triangle is pointing to the bottom left side. The triangle refers to The Hope this time and the book talks about four names instead of three.

You'll also see the "below" word near Life and Sun. Rotate the symbols until The Doe comes to the left circle of the triangle and The Ravager comes to the right. This will make the Sun and Life go below the triangle. Now, rotate the two adjacent circles until they fall on Life and Sun at the same time.

This will open a small hole in the middle of the puzzle where you'll get a new Long Gun for your future endeavors.

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