Final Fantasy 16 is an action-adventure RPG overflowing with melodrama, political intrigues, and epic Eikon battles. As Clive, you must travel across a crumbling Valisthea to uncover the truth behind the Blight that plagues it while lending a hand to anyone who needs one. It's more linear than other Final Fantasy titles, but there are many side quests and tasks to keep you busy.

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If you want to unlock every trophy in the game, some will be much harder than others. Most will automatically pop as you advance the story, but others require more skill and patience. If you want the platinum for Final Fantasy 16, these trophies will be the hardest to earn.

This article contains mild spoilers for Final Fantasy 16. It's recommended that you complete a playthrough of the game before reading further.

10 Cold-Blooded - Simultaneously Defeat Three Or More Enemies Frozen Using Frostbite, Permafrost, Or Diamond Dust

Shiva floats in the air with dark clouds behind her

With the aid of Shiva's powers, you'll need to defeat three frozen enemies at the same time using either Frostbite, Permafrost, or Diamond Dust to unlock the Cold-Blooded trophy. It sounds tricky, but it's not so bad once you're more familiar with Shiva's attacks.

An easy way to unlock this trophy is by heading back to an earlier area with weaker enemies and finding a swarm of at least five to increase your odds. After freezing them with Cold Snap, use Diamond Dust to quickly deplete their health and acquire this trophy.

9 Yes, Eikon - Master All Of A Single Eikon's Abilities And Feats

Clive Semi-Primes with Ifrit

Each Eikon has four abilities and one feat that can be upgraded using Ability Points - AP - that you can earn by completing side quests and story missions. To unlock the Yes, Eikon trophy, you'll need to max out every skill of a single Eikon, which is actually much easier to accomplish than it sounds.

Luckily, you can reset any ability or feat you've already upgraded to reclaim the AP for something else. If you want to unlock this trophy, simply reset all the upgrades you've done so far, and then use that refund to master all of Phoenix or Garuda's skills. Then, reclaim the AP again and put it back where it was before the process.

8 Trial Run - Complete A Chronolith Trial

Clive runs toward a Chronolith Trial

As you travel across Valisthea, you'll likely stumble upon strange stone pillars called Chronoliths. Each one will test your knowledge by forcing you to overcome multiple trials with only a single Eikon by your side. You can't access them until later in the game, but completing them will reward you with an accessory for the Eikon used.

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You only need to clear one Chronolith Trial to unlock the Trial Run trophy, and the easiest one to access is The Hand of Hyperion north of Marta's Rest in Rosaria. You can only use Phoenix during these battles, but you should be familiar enough with its abilities that it ultimately shouldn't be too challenging to complete.

7 Fistful Of Steel - Execute Three Steel Counters In A Single Battle

Odin stares at his opponent

Odin is the last Eikon you'll unlock in Final Fantasy 16 after completing the story mission "The Last King." Alongside a slew of new abilities to experiment with, you'll also have access to Steel Counters. By pressing the circle button at the right time, you can perfectly dodge an enemy's attack and counter with a fury of slashes.

It might take some time to get the timing down, but once you do, finding a larger enemy like an Adamantortoise is best to unlock this trophy. Not only do bigger enemies have longer wind-ups that are easier to predict, but their large health bars will make it easier to execute three Steel Counters without accidentally killing them first.

6 Never Coming Down - Land Gouge, Wicked Wheel, and Rook's Gambit In Midair Before Landing

Clive attacks an enemy in the air

Have you ever thrown a balloon into the air and tried to keep it from touching the floor for as long as possible? That's essentially the same idea as the Never Coming Down trophy, which requires you to use three of Garuda's moves on an enemy in the air before Clive hits the ground.

To complete this trophy, you'll need to master at least one of the abilities and map it to another Eikon's skill slot so you can execute all of them during combat. Find a large enemy, jump off of it to get Clive in the air, then use Wicked Wheel to get your foe in the air as well. Then use Rook's Gambit and Gouge to add the trophy to your list.

5 You're Not The Boss Of Me - Defeat A Boss Without Taking Damage

Clive fighting Garuda in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 is full of magnificent bosses that tower over Clive and bombard him with a series of powerful moves and combos. Defeating them is impressive enough, but if you want to earn the You're Not the Boss of Me trophy, you'll need to finish them off without taking damage the entire battle.

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There are many ways to approach this challenge, though you'll likely have the best luck against early-game bosses like Fafnir or Midnight Raven. Not only are they slow, but they also have smaller health bars which will make taking them down without receiving a scratch easier than replaying the Garuda or Titan fight over and over again.

4 Hunter, Hunted - Clear The Hunt Board

Final Fantasy 16 Ahriman Hunt

After accessing the revival of the hideaway, you'll notice Nektar the Moogle hanging out by a board near Vivian Ninetails and Otto. If you approach him, you'll learn about nefarious monsters causing chaos across Valisthea. Of course, no one else is handled to deal with them except Clive and his friends, so it's up to you to face these beasts and eliminate them.

To unlock the Hunter, Hunted trophy, you'll need to slay all 32 beasts that appear on the board throughout the game. You can deal with them as they show up or tackle all of them at once before the final boss fight, but never go unprepared. These fights can be challenging and will require plenty of potions to survive.

3 For The Hoard - Obtain All Curiosities

Clive's Wall of Memories at The Hideaway

After the construction of the second hideaway, Clive will have his own space to receive letters and store collectible items known as curiosities. There are 22 objects to put on the Wall of Memories, and most of them will be given to Clive after completing side quests and strengthening bonds with his friends.

If you want to unlock the For The Hoard trophy, all you need to do is complete the many side quests that pop up throughout the journey. After finishing every mission and talking to everyone at the hideaway, you might notice there is still one spot open for something. The final item - The Circle of Malius - is obtained after completing all seven Chronolith Trials.

2 Masterclass - Upgrade All Feats And Abilities To Their Maximum

Ifrit roars under a full moon

It takes a ton of AP to upgrade and master the Eikon ability and feats, which is why it's almost impossible to unlock the Masterclass trophy during your first playthrough. Fortunately, new game plus carries over all your progress, including previously upgraded Eikon skills.

You could grind the needed AP for this trophy on your initial run, but you'll earn them much faster by completing story missions and Monster Hunts in new game plus. You should have every Eikon ability and feat mastered after the halfway point on your second playthrough, which doesn't take as long as you might think.

1 Fantasy, Finally - Complete The Game On "Final Fantasy" Mode

Cid, Clive, Jill, and Torgal walk toward a Mothercrystal

After rolling credits for the first time, you can restart the journey under Final Fantasy Mode. Essentially new game plus, the new setting increases the overall difficulty and allows you to reach level 100 alongside other adjustments to make the adventure feel fresh again.

Fantasy, Finally is likely the last trophy anyone will unlock before obtaining the Platinum for Final Fantasy 16. If you want to finish the second playthrough as quickly as possible, simply skip all cutscenes, avoid random enemy encounters, and unleash your strongest attacks to take down bosses before they know what hit them.

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