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Lorcana Week Tinker Bell Giant Fairy 1
Look, I Just Want To Talk About Disney Lorcana's Big Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell, Giant Fairy has the best card art of Disney Lorcana's first chapter, and future expansions need more cards that move us like this

Sean Bean from the Walk into Mordor meme with D&D players 1
Other Players Are The Best And Worst Part Of Dungeons & Dragons

I've planned out almost two full adventures with my party just one session deep, and it's both the best way to play and the worst mistake I could make

Elsa, Queen Regent art from Disney Lorcana 1
Why Elsa Is Disney Lorcana's Most Important Card

There are several Elsas in Disney Lorcana, with Frozen a huge crowd-pleaser, and she's a very special card for the game to have.

Lorcana Star Wars 1
Star Wars And Marvel Shouldn't Be Anywhere Near Disney Lorcana

We know far more cards are coming to Disney Lorcana in the next few months, but Star Wars and Marvel chapters can't derail the game

Lorcana Mickey and DD 1
Disney Lorcana Has The Old Disney Magic

Rather than falling into the cash-grab trap, Disney Lorcana has a love for its characters and a nostalgic charm to its decks.

Disney Lorcana card Belle, Inventive Engineer 1
Belle, Inventive Engineer Is The Key To Disney Lorcana's Dreamborn Cards

Belle, Inventive Engineer shows the storytelling power of Disney Lorcana cards while staying true to the Disney magic at its heart

2-The Last Of Us Part 2 Safe Codes Every Location And Combination 1
The Last Of Us Part 2 Safe Codes: Every Location And Combination

How to open every safe in the game and get their rewards.

Lorcana Disney Princess Deck with Mulan, Elsa, and Rapunzel 1
How To Build A Princess Deck In Disney Lorcana

There are lots of great characters in Disney Lorcana, but I'm only interested in the Princesses, and here are four ways to build a deck around them

Homer Simpson reading the Disney Lorcana Rules 1
A Newcomer's Reaction To The Disney Lorcana Rules

Here are the basic hurdles to jump over to understand Disney Lorcana if you're a complete novice.

Futurama Planet Express Ship 1
Futurama’s Return Has The Same Old Problems

Futurama is back from the dead on Hulu (or Disney Plus), but a few of the old worries are still there.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid with other tcg cards around her 1
How Disney Lorcana Became My First TCG

As a complete trading card game novice, Disney Lorcana has managed to get its claws in me

Ken greyed out in a screenshot from the Barbie movie 1
No, The Barbie Movie Is Not Anti-Men

Barbie's messaging is about how important it is for men and women to find their place in the world, but some audiences are missing the point

A collage of images showing a man being fed a healing potion, a druid and a wizard reading a magic book 1
There Is No Perfect Race To Play In Dungeons & Dragons

A common question for newer D&D players is 'what race should I be?', but the only way to answer that is to figure out how you want to play

Immortals Fenyx Rising collage of a wraith lair entrance, a golden hero statue, and Odysseus. 1
What's Going On With The Immortals: Fenyx Rising Sequel?

Aside from a year-old rumour that Immortals is moving on from the Greek Gods, things have gone quiet on the sequel front.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fireworks with Princess Zelda standing in front holding a tablet 1
I Need A Modern Zelda-Like

We have a lot of indie games that mimic the old Zeldas, but when will we see games taking on the modern Zelda formula.

Elephant Mario with Peach and Daisy 1
Don't Assume Everyone Will Be An Elephant In Super Mario Bros. Wonder

We know Mario becomes an elephant in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but past animal transformations suggest we might be getting other animals for the rest

Spider-Man Venom 1
Now We Know Who Venom Is, I Have A Lot More Questions For Spider-Man 2

The latest Spider-Man trailer revealed that Harry will be Venom, but what does that mean for everything else in the game?

Pinnochio in Bramble the Mountain King 1
One Of 2023's Best Games Is Also Its Ugliest

A hidden gem of Xbox Game Pass' horror line-up is one of 2023's most interesting, if most off-putting, titles

Diablo 4 sorceress with fireball 1
Diablo 4's Latest Update Reminds Me I'm Playing It Wrong

Diablo 4's Season 1 is overhauling most classes and lots of important items, nerfing Sorcerer harder than anyone could have predicted

Fifa 23 and EA Sports FC covers merged with Mbappe at the front 1
Is EA Sports FC Just FIFA? We Find Out

After a small hands on with EA Sports FC and a lot of video footage, it feels like it's a major upgrade on FIFA, but ultimately still the same game.

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