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This is where we give whatever scores the gaming companies tell us to give. Remember, if you agree with our review or preview, it’s unbiased, and if you disagree, even if you haven’t played the game yet, then we’re definitely a bunch of shills.


19-Armored Core 6 Preview 1
Armored Core 6 Preview: Not Nearly As Intimidating As I Expected

FromSoftware has worked wonders to make Fires of Rubicon more approachable than its predecessors.

18-Resident Evil Death Island Review 1
Resident Evil: Death Island Review - Maximum Fan Service

Death Island delivers Resident Evil's biggest team-up and most sympathetic villain.

Heartstopper S2 review 1
Heartstopper Season 2 Review: Confident, Adorable, And Filled With Smooches

Netflix delivers eight more episodes of superb queer storytelling.

Pikmin 4 review 1
Pikmin 4 Review - Olimar Is Back On The Corpse Carrying Grind

Picking up giant fruit to fuel your spaceship has never been this fun or approachable.

A preview image for Devolver Digital and Doinksoft's Gunbrella. 1
Gunbrella Preview - Mary Poppin Headshots

Gunbrella is just as much of a blast as its titular weapon thanks to its excellent movement and fast-paced combat.

1-Full Void REVIEW 1
Full Void Review - Dystopia Myopia

Full Void presents a beautiful, haunting adventure with a grave message.

Exoprimal Review 1
Exoprimal Review - Capcom Finally Ends Its Winning Streak

'You are completing objectives slower than the enemy team'

Venba 1
Love Diaspora Narratives? Venba Might Be For You

Venba is a cooking game, yes, but it tackles heavy themes like loss of culture and language barriers

wrestlequest key art 1
WrestleQuest Preview: Yes! Yes! Yes!

WrestleQuest is more RPG than wrestling game, and that makes it more fun for roleplayers and wrestling fans alike

1-Oxenfree 2 REVIEW 1
Oxenfree 2 Review - Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey, Creepy Crawly

Oxenfree 2 is much creepier and lonelier than its predecessor, but still packs a time-twisting punch

pokemon sleep 1
Hands-On With Pokemon Sleep: They Finally Combined My Two Favorite Things

Pokemon Sleep is a much more involved game than a typical sleep tracker app.

Payday 3's preview card. 1
Payday 3 Preview - Cracking Open The Big Apple

Four hours of playtime with Payday 3 show that its mechanics are the best they've ever been.

19-Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown Plays Even Better Than It Looks 1
Prince Of Persia Plays Even Better Than It Looks

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a stylish action platformer that looks amazing, and plays even better.

Crime OClock 1
Crime O'Clock Review – It's Time To Go To Time

Is Crime O'Clock a timeless classic, or is it stuck in the past?

Yuma Kokohead pointing his sword in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. 1
Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Review - Dead Good

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code delivers masterful craftsmanship of mysteries that players will delight in unravelling.

24-Sand Land Preview 1
Kicking Dinosaurs In The Face In Sand Land Was The Most Fun I Had At Summer Game Fest

Akira Toriyama's Sand Land is an open-world post-apocalyptic action game about a demon kid and his tank.

Ghost Trick Review 1
Everybody 1+2 Switch Preview 1
Everybody 1+2 Switch Preview: Nintendo Takes On Jackbox Party Pack

Musical chairs with a talking horse, anyone?

My Adventures With Superman Review  1
My Adventures With Superman Review - Clark Kent Meets Magical Girl Anime

I’ll be real with you, it’s worth watching for Superman’s magical girl transformation alone.

Pikmin 4 preview 1
Pikmin 4 Preview - Carrying Insect Corpses Has Never Been So Fun

Who knew that adding a dog would transform the series so much.