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22-Oppenheimer-Long Gone Days 1
The Oppenheimer Discourse Has Me Thinking About My Favourite Indie Game About War

Long Gone Days confronts the evil of war in a very real way

Tom Cruise Hanging from a train seat in Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, with money blowing around on the left side of the image 1
Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Will Be Fine

Barbenheimer has fans wondering if Tom Cruise's Maverick follow-up has any gas in the tank, but the rest of the year gives it plenty of runway.

Futurama Planet Express Ship 1
Futurama’s Return Has The Same Old Problems

Futurama is back from the dead on Hulu (or Disney Plus), but a few of the old worries are still there.

10-Barbie’s Allan Is One Of My New Favourite 1
Barbie Oppenheimer 1
They Cloned TYrone 1
Don’t Sleep On The Best Straight-To-Netflix Movie Of The Year

They Cloned Tyrone is an instant sci-fi Blaxploitation classic

Ken greyed out in a screenshot from the Barbie movie 1
No, The Barbie Movie Is Not Anti-Men

Barbie's messaging is about how important it is for men and women to find their place in the world, but some audiences are missing the point

the paw patrol pups and jigsaw puppet on the same cinema screen 1
Saw X And Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie Will Be My Barbenheimer

Hello Rubble, I want to play a game.

SaveWarriorNun 1
Warrior Nun’s Return Is A Victory For Sapphic Representation

It's all thanks to fans that this comeback was made a reality.

The Owl House Lumity Kiss Anniversary 1
I Can't Believe It's Been Two Years Since Lumity's First Kiss

Through The Looking Glass Ruins still hits different.

FlashCoin - its worthless! 1
Warner Brothers And DC Selling The Failed Flash Movie On The Blockchain Is Sad And Desperate

Throwing blockchain into the mix isn’t going to make The Flash break even

Sag-Aftra on strike logo. 1
How You Can Help Those of Us Striking

The WGA and SAG-AFTRA are officially on strike - here's what you can do to help.

TLOU Emmy Nominations 1
The Last Of Us Doesn't Deserve All Of These Emmy Nominations

Joel and Ellie's post apocalyptic journey is a great adventure, but also a familiar one.

Sonic and Shadow in Sonic Prime's second season. 1
Sonic Prime Just Gave Us Our Best Interpretation Of Sonic And Shadow Ever

Sonic is finally allowed to feel things and Shadow isn't just an edgy boy anymore. Bliss.

nick fury in secret invasion 1
It Really Sucks That No One Is Watching Secret Invasion

The first episode was a red herring. I'm begging you to give it another chance.

35-Hollywood Is Rotten To The Core 1
Hollywood Is Rotten To The Core

Studio executives are exhibiting shockingly villainous behaviour towards unions

Titanic On VHS 1
Titanic On VHS Is Taking Over My TikTok Feed

This one fan just can't get enough of 'T on V'

25-The Screen Actors Guild Is Striking 1
24-The Last of Us Does Not Stand A Chance Against Succession In The Emmys 1
The Last Of Us Doesn't Stand A Chance Against Succession At The Emmys

Sorry, but Succession will probably sweep

18-Ryan Gosling Is Hard Carrying Barbie’s PR Efforts 1
Ryan Gosling Is Hard Carrying Barbie’s PR Efforts

Every interview he gives juices me up with sweet, sweet dopamine