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A Final Fantasy 14 player character with their head in their hands. 1
I'm Struggling With Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest FOMO

I wish I was in Las Vegas right now...

Loba from Apex Legends 1
Apex Legends’ Latest Loba Quest Makes Me Yearn For A Campaign Mode

Great characters, better movement, and all of Titanfall's history to work with? I need an Apex Legends campaign yesterday

John Arne Riise-Kraken 1
Call of Duty cat people 1
Call Of Duty's Whisker Tango Bundle Is The Perfect Kind Of Ridiculous

Cats firing lasers from their eyes sounds pretty cool to me. Warzone or not.

21-Side Quest Progress Doesn’t Transfer In Diablo 4 Seasons 1
It Sucks That Side Quest Progress Doesn’t Transfer In Diablo 4 Seasons

I don’t want to have to do the same missions over and over again

Pokemon Sleep shiny Komala guess 1
Pokemon Sleep Is Changing Shiny Colours And It Could Have Huge Repercussions

You’re not dreaming, that’s really what shiny Snorlax looks like in Pokemon Sleep

ESO Pride 1
Report: Zenimax Is Doing "Nothing" To Combat Anti-LGBTQ+ Bigotry In ESO

“We need to feel safe and a lot of us in the ESO community do not feel safe."

Blue Protocol 1
Blue Protocol Hands-On: Amazon’s Next Big MMO

We played an early version of the western release of Blue Protocol and spoke to franchise lead Mike Zadorojny about microtransactions and more

A man snoring while a Pikachu sleeps beside him and the Pokemon Sleep app screen says the sleep type is Snoozing. 1
My Husband Keeps Ruining My Pokemon Sleep Research With His Snoring

My husband has doomed me to only get the same sleep type Pokemon every morning in Pokemon Sleep.

Esprit performing a number from Heathers the musical on stage in Final Fantasy 14. 1
Final Fantasy 14 Community Spotlight: Esprit's Way Off Broadway Show

Esprit's latest show in FFXIV had me belting out my favourite show tunes while the cast performed.

Exoprimal, Battle footage with scanlines 1
Exoprimal Is A Return To Capcom's Dark Days

Exoprimal is giving me Resident Evil 6 flashbacks in the worst way.

Diablo 4 sorceress with fireball 1
Diablo 4's Latest Update Reminds Me I'm Playing It Wrong

Diablo 4's Season 1 is overhauling most classes and lots of important items, nerfing Sorcerer harder than anyone could have predicted

A miq'ote and a hyur talking at a table from the Final Fantasy 14 1.0 trailer. 1
Is It Bad That I Wish We Could Still Play Final Fantasy 14 1.0?

I know FFXIV 1.0 wasn't great, but I wish I could replay it to see those early story beats once more.

sad pikachu crosshair 1
Inside The Reddit Community Of Pokemon Hitmen

Ever needed a Pokemon taken out? This group of PokeAssassins could be your saving grace

EA Sports FC Flag Logo 1
EA Sports New Turn-Based FIFA Could Be A Game Changer

Amongst the many (if vague) announcements at the EA Sports FC 24 premiere was the turn-based strategy game FC Tactical

2-Pokemon Sleep Won’t Actually Help You Sleep Better 1
Pokemon Sleep Won’t Actually Help You Sleep Better

It’ll mostly just take your data and money

1-Against All Odds Diablo 4 Has Convinced Me To Give Its First Season A Shot 1
Against All Odds, Diablo 4 Has Convinced Me To Give Its First Season A Shot

The Season of Malignance looks way cooler than I thought it would

FF14 Community Spotlight - the organisers of Mogstock in a group photo. 1
Final Fantasy 14 Community Spotlight: Get Ready For Mogstock 2023

The popular music festival returns to FFXIV next weekend!

Diablo 4 vampire new Blood Knight class 1
Diablo Immortal's Blood Knight Vampire Needs Added To Diablo 4 Immediately

Diablo just got its first new class in almost a decade, and it could shake up Diablo 4 if it's popular enough

20-Ubisoft shouldn't punish The Division 2 players for its own mistake 1
Ubisoft Shouldn't Be Punishing The Division Players For Its Own Mistakes

Taking advantage of exploits is just efficient grinding, and Ubisoft shouldn't punish The Division 2 players for doing it.