Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action RPG from HoYoverse. Travel to the massive open world of Teyvat, make new friends, and discover the secrets of the Archons, gods who preside over the seven nations.

Genshin Impact Cover Art
Mobile, iOS, Android, PC, PS4, PS5
September 28, 2020
RPG, Action, Adventure
Online Multiplayer
T for Teen - Fantasy Violence, Alcohol Reference
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Genshin Impact: How To Observe The Shadow On The Sundial In Time The Wind Quest

Here's how to observe the shadow on the sundial in Genshin Impact, which will allow you to complete the difficult Time and Wind quest.

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Genshin Impact: Every Quest In Liyue That Gives Primogems

Primogems are an important and valuable resource in Genshin Impact. Here's a look at all the quests in Liyue that reward them.

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Genshin Impact: How To Complete The Skyfrost Nail

The Skyforest Nail is a huge part of the Dragonspine region in Genshin Impact. Here's how to complete it.

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If you're looking for a new open-world adventure, these great games won't cost you a thing!

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Genshin Impact Event Evacuated Due To Bomb Threat

The bomb threat is now believed to be a hoax, but the entire Genshin Impact event had to be evacuated.

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Is Genshin Impact Worth Playing?

Is Genshin Impact worth your time or will it just drain your bank account?

6-Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot Guide Everything You Need To Know About Load 1
Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Load

Load is a hidden value that is added to everything you can place in your realm. Here's how it works and how to manage it.

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Genshin Impact: Guide To Talents

Talents will impact your character's skills and abilities. Here's what you need to know about understanding, using, and leveling them.

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10 Best Fantasy Settings In Gaming

Magic lands await.

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10 Games That Take Place Over More Than 1,000 Years

A lot of time to uncover these universes.

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Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Kaedehara Kazuha

Equip your Kaedehara Kazuha with the strongest weapons you can find in Genshin Impact.

Paimon from Genshin Impact 1
Genshin Impact Voice Actors Claim To Be Owed Thousands After 6 Months Without Pay

Brandon Winckler and Corina Boettger have both called out Formosa Group for owing them thousands of dollars.

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Genshin Impact: Guide to Kaveh's Hangout

With five possible endings to Kaveh's new quest, here's how to unlock each of them and what achievements can be gained.

Genshin Impact Cave Mural And Choo-Choo Card With Yelan 1
Genshin Impact: Capturing Light And Shadow Quest Walkthrough

You can start the Capturing Light And Shadow quest after entering a certain cave in the Veluriyam Mirage area, and here's how you can finish it.

Genshin Impact Magic Envelope And Limited Area 1
Genshin Impact: Complete Guide To Secret Summer Paradise

The new event in Genshin Impact comes with a time-limited area and a bunch of freebies that you can acquire through different methods.

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Genshin Impact: 9 Most Heartwarming Moments

Genshin Impact has a lot of moments that will warm your heart.

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Genshin Impact: 10 Best Enemies And Monsters

Unforgettable adventures await as you explore Teyvat's vast expanse, engaging in exhilarating battles against a diverse cast of enemies and monsters

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Genshin Impact: 10 Characters With The Best Character Development

Dive into the rich tapestry of Genshin Impact's characters, as their transformative journeys unfold in mesmerizing detail.

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Genshin Impact: Every Playable Character's Age, Height, And Birthday

We take a look at the age, height, birthday, and background of all Genshin Impact's playable characters, including the new Sumeru inhabitants.