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digital piracy 1
Piracy Is Coming Back, Baby!

Streaming has ruined media preservation for an entire generation, and older games aren’t faring so well either. Piracy is the only way to save them

tim cain fallout youtube channel 1
Fallout Fans Need To Check Out Tim Cain's New YouTube Channel

The creator of Fallout is giving away nuggets of gaming gold

xQc with The One Ring card from Magic the Gathering 1
xQc's The One Ring Stunt Is Trading Cards At Their Worst

xQc spent $9,000 on trying to find just one trading card. These games are no longer for players, but for buyers and sellers.

kick streaming 1
Here's Why Everyone Hates Kick Streaming

Kick is the latest Twitch competitor, but it’s incredibly controversial for a number of reasons

XQC streaming on Kick 1
What Is xQc Doing At Kick?

Kick is paying huge money for xQc to stream on the platform, but why does he seem determined to waste it with petty rule breaking?

Twitch Partner Plus streamer silhouette 1
Twitch’s New Partner Plus Program Sucks

Once again, Twitch proves it doesn’t care about smaller streamers

a surprised gamer wearing a virtual reality headset 1
Gamers Are The Future

Tech giants like Apple are rolling out innovations, but they need to work with gamers for long term success

Call of Duty Warzone: The Gas Circle Closing In On Ashika Island 1
Call Of Duty Streamers Are Too Cowardly To Admit They’re Homophobic

Nickmercs lost his Call of Duty skin after he used tired anti-LGBT rhetoric, and now TimTheTatMan is trying to play both sides

Person holding up a can of soup to a camera 1
Twitch Is Shafting Streamers, Again

Twitch is rolling out advertising changes that make it harder for streamers to earn money, in the service’s latest anti-worker move

Apple VR headset in front of Black Mirror logo 1
The Apple Vision Pro Headset Will Make Or Break Apple's Future

The Apple Vision Pro is packed with amazing features, but the jury is out on whether they'll work as intended

Twitch AAPI Tweet 1
Twitch Made Another Bad Tweet, This Time For AAPI Month

Choose your fighter: “Waymond The Dad”, Goku (???), or Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.

Amouranth's New AI App Is Very Creepy 1
Amouranth's New AI App Is Very Creepy

The CEO of Forever Voices AI says that the company ‘democratises access’ to influencers, which… ew.

MrBeast Town Vivarium 1
MrBeast Buying His Employees A Street To Live On Is Bad, Actually

I hope he knows what a company town is

Kick-1 1
Kick Is Great For Creators, But Bad For Humanity

Kai Cenat could be Kick’s new biggest creator if he makes the shift from Twitch, but Kick is the greater of two evils.

Discord 1
The Thug Shaker Central Debacle Just Reinforces That Right-Wing Gamer Culture Has Devastating Consequences

A 21-year-old man leaked classified documents to racist teenagers through Discord for clout.

Joe Rogan podcasting outside his anti-woke comedy club at the Ritz, Austin 1
Let's All Laugh At Joe Rogan's Anti-Woke Comedy Club

Joe Rogan has opened a comedy club that takes your phone and scans you face, creating the ultimate safe space for comedians who hate safe spaces

12-Xbox Game Pass And Amazon Luna Complete Each Other 1
Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass And Amazon Luna Complete Each Other

If there was a streaming service with the convenience of Luna and the variety of Game Pass, it would be perfect.

hogwarts legacy twitch trans flag 1
Twitch Streamers' Hogwarts Legacy Ad Protests Are Fruitless Without The Biggest Stars

Streamers have stood up against the company and won before

Summoning Salt (1) 1
Summoning Salt's Videos Make Me Care About Games I Never Thought I Would

I’ve never cared so much about a game I didn’t know existed until 27 minutes ago

otk logo 1
OTK Reinstates Streamer Mizkif Citing No "Direct Evidence" Of Involvement In Sexual Assault

"Investigations counsel did not find direct evidence that Mizkif attempted to minimize or cover up sexual assault as alleged."