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funko camp funday 1
SDCC's Funko Fundays Was The Most Unhinged Experience Of My Life

Comic-Con's Funko Funday was a fever dream, game show, and Freddy Funko cult meeting all rolled into one.

Link from Tears of the Kingdom with a Switch copy of the game 1
I’m Not Ready To Move On From Tears Of The Kingdom

I have 105 hours in the latest Zelda, but I could spend 105 more.

Nick Brawl 2 SpongeBob smiling with both thumbs up 1
Nick Brawl 2 Has All The Signs Of Being A Rushed Product

Two years isn't enough for a platform fighter of this scope.

Kingdom Hearts' Sora holding some Lorcana cards. 1
An image of Mickey Mouse from Lorcana with an evil smirking child from Fallout with a Lorcana Week icon on the top left. 1
I'm Going To Regret Sharing Lorcana With My Kid

Perhaps deciding to share a Disney Lorcana card collection with a ten-year-old wasn't my wisest choice.

Kate McKinnon in Barbie and a bunch of the cast of Oppenheimer in the background 1
Lorcana Week Tinker Bell Giant Fairy 1
Look, I Just Want To Talk About Disney Lorcana's Big Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell, Giant Fairy has the best card art of Disney Lorcana's first chapter, and future expansions need more cards that move us like this

John Silver LW 1
Disney Lorcana's First Chapter Proves Any Character Can Have A Card

If Treasure Planet's John Silver can get a card in Disney Lorcana, anyone can.

Lorcana mystery (1) 1
Unraveling The Mystery Of Disney Lorcana's Floodborn

Disney Lorcana's big mystery is centered around the shifting Floodborn. Who are they and what clues can we follow to better understand them?

Margot Robbie in the Barbie movie (2023) looking through an empty mirror with a shattered glass effect on the entire image 1
Barbenheimer's Legacy Will Be Diluted Franchises And Trend-Chasing

Mattel has at least 45 films in development while Saw X moves to coincide with Paw Patrol--everyone is missing the point of Barbenheimer.

25-Mattel’s Girl Power Nonsense 1
I Am Already Tired Of Mattel's Girl Power Nonsense

We’ve entered an era of corporations selling us trite social justice values like a product

Sean Bean from the Walk into Mordor meme with D&D players 1
Other Players Are The Best And Worst Part Of Dungeons & Dragons

I've planned out almost two full adventures with my party just one session deep, and it's both the best way to play and the worst mistake I could make

A Final Fantasy 14 player character with their head in their hands. 1
I'm Struggling With Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest FOMO

I wish I was in Las Vegas right now...

Loba from Apex Legends 1
Apex Legends’ Latest Loba Quest Makes Me Yearn For A Campaign Mode

Great characters, better movement, and all of Titanfall's history to work with? I need an Apex Legends campaign yesterday

12-Defeating Ganondorf Has Never Been More Satisfying Than It Is In TOTK 1
Defeating Ganondorf Has Never Been More Satisfying Than It Is In Tears Of The Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom's tragic story gives the final battle huge stakes.

Elsa, Queen Regent art from Disney Lorcana 1
Why Elsa Is Disney Lorcana's Most Important Card

There are several Elsas in Disney Lorcana, with Frozen a huge crowd-pleaser, and she's a very special card for the game to have.

Disney Lorcanas Evasive Keyword Isn't As Scary As It Seems (1) 1
Disney Lorcana's Evasive Keyword Isn't As Scary As It Seems

Evasive characters can quickly run away with the game if you don't know how to deal with them.

Lorcana story 1
Disney Lorcana's Story, Explained

A recap of everything we know about the story of Disney Lorcana so far.

Baldurs Gate 3 1
I Started Baldur's Gate 3 In Early Access And Regret It

If you're a newcomer, I'd wait until the 1.0 console release.

Lorcana villains 1
Disney Lorcana's The First Chapter Belongs To The Villains

The villains are having the most wonderfully evil time in Disney Lorcana's first chapter.