It feels wild to say considering the doll's history, but Barbie might be bigger than ever right now. Even though the first Barbie doll was released more than 60 years ago, and literally thousands more have come since, the arrival of the iconic character on the big screen has seen Barbie's fame hit new levels. Whether introduced to a new generation or reminding those who used to play with Barbie how much they loved her, the film has more than done its job.

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Movie or not though, Barbie dolls are still a big deal. Mattel has continued to come up with new ideas and add new dolls to its massive collection, and seeking out the best ones for you and your kids can be pretty daunting. Whether you're fresh off a Barbie viewing and want to pick up some dolls or your fandom never waivered and you're adding to your collection, there will likely be something below to suit you.

Best Barbie Dolls

barbie doll based on margot robbie from the movie
via Mattel
Margot Robbie As Barbie In Pink Gingham Dress

Do You Guys Ever Think About Dying?

A doll based on one of the many looks Margot Robbie sported when playing Barbie in the movie of the same name. Wearing a pink gingham dress, this is likely the look that springs to mind when you think of Robbie as Barbie, even if you've only seen a trailer.

  • Look and outfit inspired by the Barbie movie
  • Stereotypical Barbie down to a tee
  • May well make you want to buy all the other movie-inspired Barbies

It took more than 60 years, but Barbie has her own movie now, and Margot Robbie played the lead. Turning Robbie into a real Barbie doll based on her look in the movie was always going to happen, and the look Mattel has gone with may well be the most stereotypical one of all. Not a slight by any means as Robbie was playing stereotypical Barbie after all. If you've seen the movie, or your kids have seen it, and you want a Barbie, this should probably be your first port of call.

touch of magic barbie with pet duck
via Mattel
Touch Of Magic Barbie With Pet

Harley Quinn Vibes

This Touch of Magic Barbie is designed to make the doll look like she has been lifted right out of a fairytale. Pink and green hair, a duck on a leash, and the most fairytale thing of all, wings you can attach to Barbie's ankles.

  • A cute lil duck with your Barbie
  • Surprisingly cheap for a new design
  • Just like Red Bull's, those wings you get don't actually work

Touch of Magic Barbie didn't get a cameo in the movie, at least not one that I noticed, but there's a comparison to draw between this doll and Robbie's portrayal of the iconic toy. With pink and green hair, this Barbie looks a little like her design was inspired by Harley Quinn, a comic book character Robbie has played in two Suicide Squad movies and her own spinoff. No official connection between this doll and Quinn as Touch of Magic Barbie, complete with pet duck and ankle wings, has been ripped right out of a fairytale.

barbie cutie reveal doll in a lamb costume
via Mattel
Cutie Reveal Barbie In Lamb Costume

Let's Get Weird With It

Barbie's Cutie Reveal collection not only gives the dolls little plushes to accompany them, but they can also dress up as those plushes. Maybe a little weird, but also different from most other Barbies which is great for those of you who haven't been all that interested before.

  • Dress your Barbie to match her plush
  • Lots of little surprises included with this set
  • Other animals available if you're not a lamb fan
  • Might be a little too out there for the more traditional Barbie fans

Barbie isn't always wearing a pink dress or taking on a new career via her attire. Sometimes she just likes to be a bit silly, as do her fans, and this collection reflects that. The Cutie Reveal collection is more about the mascot-style outfit Barbie wears than the doll inside. It comes with a tiny little replica plush of your costume so your doll and her new pal can technically match. There are also lots of little surprises that come with this set, making it well worth the money.

president barbie in a pink and gold dress
via Mattel
President Barbie In A Pink And Gold Dress

Four More Years!

Barbieland has every type of Barbie, even a president Barbie, and now you can own the doll version of the leader who presided over Barbieland in the movie, complete with a presidential sash and very flashy pink and gold dress.

  • Another doll inspired by a Barbie from the movie
  • Might well be the flashiest dress I have ever seen on a Barbie
  • Really paying for that flashy look at a higher price than most other dolls

One of the goals of Barbie's creators was to try and show the world that women can be anything they want to be. The movie has attempted to remind people that's one of the bigger messages behind the dolls, and the big screen take on Barbie even gave Barbieland its own president. One of the characters that got the most screen time outside of Robbie and Ryan Gosling, it only makes sense President Barbie gets her very own doll. Now, where do I cast my vote to ensure she stays in power for another term?

supergirl barbie
via Mattel
Supergirl Barbie

From Krypton By Way Of Barbieland

Barbie isn't the only movie with an official tie-in doll that released in 2023. Supergirl, the version who appeared in The Flash, also has her very own Barbie now. A movie-accurate outfit and even a big red cape to complete the look.

  • Based on the Supergirl design from The Flash
  • A very different Barbie from everything else on this list
  • Very expensive for a Barbie and it's not entirely clear why that is

Whether the Barbie movie is your thing or not, I get that you might have had enough of it by this point. If that's the case but you still want a doll that ties into something you've seen on the big screen recently, then this official Supergirl Barbie might be for you. The connection between Warner Bros. and Mattel brought this Barbie to life, based on the Supergirl who appeared in The Flash shortly before Barbie and Oppenheimer dominated all cinematic conversations. With the DC universe being reset, this might be the one and only chance this specific Supergirl design is ever turned into a Barbie. Buy her now and you might have a collector's item on your hands a few years from now.

barbie skipper snack bar set
via Mattel
Barbie Skipper Snack Bar Playset

Snack With Skipper

Did you know Barbie has a younger sister called Skipper? Well, if you didn't, you do now, and one of her newer sets puts her in a snack bar, complete with little treats you can help her prepare.

  • Barbie movie snacks for the real Barbie movie
  • Some long overdue love for Skipper
  • Younger Barbie fans might not be too happy getting a Skipper

Barbie hasn't walked her path alone for the last 60 years, and she hasn't only had Ken to rely on either. Very early on in Barbie's run, she got a little sister called Skipper. Skipper has come and gone over the years and right now, one of the newest sets she's a part of is the snack one above, complete with snacks for Skipper to prepare for herself and her friends. If you're wondering why Skipper has never really had a bigger spotlight, her first doll included a chest that inflated when you moved her arm to very quickly simulate puberty. Yeah, not the best idea, especially not in the 1960s, and Skipper's debut doll was quickly discontinued.

barbie careers dentist doll and playset
via Mattel
Barbie Careers Dentist Doll And Playset

Fixing Smiles

Barbie showing off her skills as a dentist complete with a little patient on which to perform her dentistry. This set comes with a dentist's chair and other accessories you might find when getting your own teeth checked over.

  • Lots of stuff included in this set
  • Use it to ease your kids' worries about dentist visits
  • Available in other varieties
  • If kids don't like the dentist, they might not like this

One of the cornerstones of Barbie's history has been giving the doll as many occupations as possible. Dentist is an obvious one, not only because what can be included in a Barbie dentist set is pretty straightforward, but also because parents can use it as a tool to ease their own child's dentist visit fears. Show them Barbie is a dentist and use the set as a mini preview of what's to come. It might work, right?


Are Barbie And Ken Siblings?

No, thankfully, considering the feelings Ken exhibits for Barbie, the two of them are neither siblings nor related in any way. The confusion here comes from who Barbie and Ken are named after. Barbie was named after her creator's daughter Barabara, and Ken after her son Kenneth, which means the inspiration for the world-famous dolls are siblings even though the characters themselves are not.

What Is The Oldest Barbie?

The very first Barbie doll, available with either blonde or brown hair, was released on March 9, 1959. The doll's creator Ruth Handler, who is represented in the movie, was inspired by a doll she saw when on holiday with her family in Germany in 1956.

Is Kelly Barbie's Daughter?

A little girl called Kelly was added to the Barbie family during the 1990s, but that little girl was not Barbie's daughter. It was actually her toddler sister. Kelly is no longer in production because, unlike Barbie, she aged up and became Chelsea.

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