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Eric Switzer is Features Editor that specializes in Pokemon, VR, and tech coverage. He is also the host of TheGamer Podcast, now entering its second year. Eric loves board games, fan conventions, new technology, and his sweet sweet kitties Bruce and Babs. Favorite games include Destiny 2, Kingdom Hearts, Super Metroid, and Prey...but mostly Prey. His favorite Pokémon is Umbreon.

funko camp funday 1
SDCC's Funko Fundays Was The Most Unhinged Experience Of My Life

Comic-Con's Funko Funday was a fever dream, game show, and Freddy Funko cult meeting all rolled into one.

Lorcana mystery (1) 1
Unraveling The Mystery Of Disney Lorcana's Floodborn

Disney Lorcana's big mystery is centered around the shifting Floodborn. Who are they and what clues can we follow to better understand them?

Disney Lorcanas Evasive Keyword Isn't As Scary As It Seems (1) 1
Disney Lorcana's Evasive Keyword Isn't As Scary As It Seems

Evasive characters can quickly run away with the game if you don't know how to deal with them.

Lorcana story 1
Disney Lorcana's Story, Explained

A recap of everything we know about the story of Disney Lorcana so far.

Lorcana villains 1
Disney Lorcana's The First Chapter Belongs To The Villains

The villains are having the most wonderfully evil time in Disney Lorcana's first chapter.

Lorcana Week Pixar 1
Disney Lorcana Co-Designer Addresses The Pixar Question

Disney Lorcana only features characters from Walt Disney Animation Studios films, but co-designer Ryan Miller says that may not always be the case.

Lorcana interview 1
How Disney Lorcana Co-Designer Ryan Miller Helped Create A Card Game Unlike Any Other

Ryan Miller has been waiting years to share Disney Lorcana with the world, and now the time has finally come.

Hidden Mickey 1
Disney Lorcana: Every Hidden Mickey In The First Chapter

Disney Lorcana cards are full of Hidden Mickeys, here's all the ones we've found.

20-How Dark Souls Inspired Armored Core 6 1
Armored Core Devs Explain How Dark Souls Inspired AC6

Armored Core 6 director Masaru Yamamura and producer Yasunori Ogura

19-Armored Core 6 Preview 1
Armored Core 6 Preview: Not Nearly As Intimidating As I Expected

FromSoftware has worked wonders to make Fires of Rubicon more approachable than its predecessors.

7-Resident Evil Death Island Cast Reveal Their Unexpected Favorite Characters 1
Resident Evil: Death Island Cast Reveal Their Unexpected Favorite Characters

Matt Mercer, Nicole Tompkins, and Stephanie Panisello dish on their favorite Resident Evil heroes and villains.

18-Resident Evil Death Island Review 1
Resident Evil: Death Island Review - Maximum Fan Service

Death Island delivers Resident Evil's biggest team-up and most sympathetic villain.

Lorcana Week starter decks 1
I've Played 100 Games With The Lorcana Starter Decks, Here's What I Learned

I have a solid month with all three Disney Lorcana starter, here's how they match up.

9-Disney Lorcana-Amber Amethyst 1
Disney Lorcana: Amber/Amethyst Starter Deck Guide

Mickey and Moana have some great combos in this amazing Lorcana starter deck.

LorcanaWeekSapphireSteelDeckGuide 1
Disney Lorcana: Sapphire/Steel Starter Deck Guide

Team up with Simba and Aurora with Disney Lorcana's Sapphire/Steel Starter Deck.

Lorcana Week Emerald Amethyst 1
Disney Lorcana: Ruby/Emerald Starter Deck Guide

Go wide and rush your opponent down with Disney Lorcana's Ruby and Emerald Starter Deck.

Lorcana gameplay Eric Switzer and Ryan Miller at a table playing 1
Lorcana Co-Designer Ryan Miller Schools Us (And Shows Off Some New Cards)

Disney Lorcana brand manager and co-designer Ryan Miller teaches us how to play the new trading card game.

Starter Decks 1
Disney Lorcana: Every Starter Deck, Ranked

Which of Disney Lorcana's Starter decks should you pick up?

Lorcana App 1
Disney Lorcana Companion App Launches Today, Ryan Miller Gives Us The Details

A quick Q&A with Lorcana co-designer Ryan Miller to introduce the official Disney Lorcana Companion App, launching today.

6-Resident Evil Death Island Creators Confirm Capcom Mandated Jill Stay Young 1
Resident Evil: Death Island Creators Confirm Capcom Mandated Jill Stay Young

Jill is destined to stay young and hot forever it would appear.

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