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Andrew King is a Features Editor at TheGamer. He has been working as a journalist since 2016 and is a museum caretaker in his spare time. He loves immersive sims, RPGS, and David Lynch movies.

Link from Tears of the Kingdom with a Switch copy of the game 1
I’m Not Ready To Move On From Tears Of The Kingdom

I have 105 hours in the latest Zelda, but I could spend 105 more.

Kate McKinnon in Barbie and a bunch of the cast of Oppenheimer in the background 1
12-Defeating Ganondorf Has Never Been More Satisfying Than It Is In TOTK 1
Defeating Ganondorf Has Never Been More Satisfying Than It Is In Tears Of The Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom's tragic story gives the final battle huge stakes.

Pikmin 4 characters 1
Pikmin 4 Is My Biggest Surprise Of The Year

Turns out the console RTS also has a lot in common with Metroidvanias.

A PS2 and Game Boy Advance SP 1
It’s Always Fun To See An Old Console In A New Game

Finding my exact model of Game Boy Advance SP in Pikmin 4 was a delight.

Tom Cruise Hanging from a train seat in Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, with money blowing around on the left side of the image 1
Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Will Be Fine

Barbenheimer has fans wondering if Tom Cruise's Maverick follow-up has any gas in the tank, but the rest of the year gives it plenty of runway.

Wheres Waldo in I Commissioned Some Bees 0 1
This Relaxing Indie Is Where’s Waldo?, But Waldo Is Bees

I Commissioned Some Bees 0 has serious buzz.

Link riding a horse through an open field of green grass with a sunset 1
Tears Of The Kingdom Would Be Incredible With Competitive Multiplayer

Zelda might be a perfect game, but an arena battler mode would make it MORE perfect.

a plague tale requiem amicia on the beach 1
Ring ruins loom over Kakariko Village 1
Helping Out The Villages Is Peak Late Tears Of The Kingdom

Once you've conquered the Temples, explored the Depths, and found all the Geoglyphs, make sure you don't neglect the regular people of Hyrule.

A split-image of the Wii artwork for the collector's edition of Metroid Prime Trilogy and a close-up of Samus in her suit with the cannon raised up. 1
I’m Sad I Won’t Be Able To Play Metroid Prime 2 Anytime Soon

Metroid Prime Remastered is great, but will we ever see the sequels on Switch?

2-Indiana Jones game and Dial of Destiny-Game Mashup 1
Dial Of Destiny’s Twist Isn’t That Wild A Swing For Indiana Jones

No movie in the series has a grounded third act.

Video game characters looking ready for vacation with sunglasses and sunshine 1
What’s The Right Approach To Gaming On Vacation?

Try to cram in way too many games, or limit yourself to just a few?

James Mangold with art from Star Wars behind him 1
So, Uh, How Long Until James Mangold's Star Wars Movie Gets The Ax?

Dial of Destiny is a flop. What does that mean for the director's upcoming film about the dawn of the Jedi?

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones on the right, with the prairie dog from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on the left with the Paramount logo 1
More Movies Should Borrow Indiana Jones’ Logo Transition Opening

See that mountain? Now it's a different mountain.

Scarlett Johansson in Asteroid City, with Wes Anderson's face superimposed to her left 1
Saying Wes Anderson Movies Are Like Wes Anderson Movies Is A Boring Critique

Wes Anderson's bold aesthetic often seems to shut down deeper criticism.

28-Open-World Games Understand That Sometimes You Just Wanna Work Somewhere Different 1
Open-World Games Like Tears Of The Kingdom Understand That Sometimes You Just Wanna Work Somewhere Different For A Little Bit

Spending a day working from a coffee shop is kinda like taking time to go hunting for Geoglyphs if you really think about it.

Pixellated John Romero and John Carmack surrounded by characters from 90s shooters 1
FPS: First-Person Shooter Is Only Really Definitive On The '90s

But id Software fans are in for a treat.

Gylt review 1
Gylt Review - The Google Stadia Exclusive Breaks Free

Once the cloud streaming app's only exclusive, Gylt is sneaking onto PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Greta Gerwig, with Mr. Tumnus from Narnia and Ken from Barbie on either side 1
I Hope Greta Gerwig Keeps Making Original Movies After Narnia

The filmmaker made her name with small dramedies, and I hope her post-Barbie career still has room for them.

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