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TheGamer's Tabletop Editor and Verified Card Boy, covering all things Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dungeons & Dragons, and more. His favourite Pokemon is Porygon, and his favourite Commander is Kwain, Itinerant Meddler!

Lorcana Week Amethyst Amber 1
Disney Lorcana: The 10 Best Cards In The Amber/Amethyst Starter Deck

Kickstart your Disney Lorcana collection with the best cards from the Amethyst and Amber Starter Deck.

John Silver LW 1
Disney Lorcana's First Chapter Proves Any Character Can Have A Card

If Treasure Planet's John Silver can get a card in Disney Lorcana, anyone can.

LW Challenger 1
Disney Lorcana: What Is Challenger?

Pick a fight with Disney Lorcana's Challenger keyword.

LW Supporter 1
Disney Lorcana: What Is Support?

Lend a hand with Disney Lorcana's Support keyword.

Rush Lorcana 1
Disney Lorcana: What Is Rush?

Charge into battle with Disney Lorcana's Rush mechanic.

Emerald Ruby Cards 1
Disney Lorcana: The 10 Best Cards In The Emerald/Ruby Starter Deck

Start brewing your own Disney Lorcana decks with the best cards from the Emerald/Ruby Starter Deck.

mtg reveals 1
Everything Revealed In MTG's MagicCon Barcelona Preview Panel

We got a nice, long look at the final three Magic: The Gathering releases of the year.

Lorcana Week Items 1
Disney Lorcana: What Are Item Cards

Use all your favourite doohickeys and thingumibobs with Disney Lorcana's item cards.

LW Bodyguard 1
Disney Lorcana: What Is Bodyguard?

Protect your characters with Disney Lorcana's Bodyguard mechanic.

Lorcana Steve Warner 1
Disney Lorcana's Co-Designer Steve Warner On "Giving Players Ways To Play Combos"

We have a chat with Disney Lorcana's co-designer on the nitty-gritty of designing a TCG.

Lorcana Week Actions 1
Disney Lorcana: What Are Action And Song Cards?

Don't sleep on Lorcana's actions and songs, they may just be the key to victory.

Aurora and Stitch in Disney Lorcana 1
Disney Lorcana: What Is Shift?

Play your Characters for cheaper with Disney Lorcana's Shift mechanic.

Detective Mickey, Aurora, and Grab Your Sword from Disney Lorcana 1
Disney Lorcana: The 10 Best Cards In The Sapphire/Steel Starter Deck

Which cards will you want to take out of Disney Lorcana's Sapphire and Steel starter deck?

Magic Mirror Lorcana Week 1
The Existential Horror Of Disney Lorcana's Magic Mirror

Disney Lorcana raises some terrifying philosophical questions.

Mickey Mouse, Wayward Sorcerer stood infront lots of Disney Lorcana cards 1
Disney Lorcana: How To Build A Deck

Carefully balance Characters, Items, and Actions to build your first Disney Lorcana deck.

Beast and Stitch in Disney Lorcana 1
Disney Lorcana: What Are Character Cards?

Summon your favourite Disney characters with Lorcana's Character cards.

Maleficent, Mickey Mouse, and Elsa from Lorcana 1
Disney Lorcana: Beginner's Guide

Quest for lore with your favourite characters in Disney Lorcana.

Lorcana Visual Spoiler 1
Every Card In Disney Lorcana's The First Chapter

At long last, take a look at the whole of Disney Lorcana's first set, The First Chapter.

LorcanaWeekSapphireSteelDeckGuide 1
Disney Lorcana: Sapphire/Steel Starter Deck Guide

Team up with Simba and Aurora with Disney Lorcana's Sapphire/Steel Starter Deck.

Lorcana Week big question 1
Who Does TheGamer Want To See In Disney Lorcana?

Disney has hundreds of characters to choose from, but who do we want most in Lorcana?

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