One of the most interesting things about Remnant 2 is the procedurally generated aspect of it. The worlds you visit, bosses you fight, and side quests you embark on are all randomized. So, one person's playthrough will be different from another.

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What's impressive is that it's hard to tell, as everything seems so meticulously put together, which isn't always the case in games with a procedural generation mechanic. Something that is also nice about Remnant 2 is that you get to reroll your campaign if you're not happy with what you were given. Here is how you do it and an explaination of what it impacts.

How To Reroll Your Campaign

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Ward 13 World Stone

You can reroll your campaign fairly early in the game. However, it can't be done from just anywhere in the wild.

You need to be in Ward 13. More specifically, you must be at the World Stone (the giant red crystal).

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of World Stone World Settings

Interact with the stone and select world settings.

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Reroll Campaign Screen

From there, you can hit the button to reroll your campaign.

What Rerolling Your Campaign Does

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Traits Screen

When you decide to reroll, all your campaign progress is reset, as well as your side quests, dungeons, and checkpoints. Plus, your worlds are reset, meaning the order in which you visit them and their layouts will be different. So, you essentially start the entire adventure over again.

Yet, it isn't a complete refresh since your character progress doesn't get restarted. Therefore, you get to keep things like your traits and power level. Another positive is that you get the chance to change difficulty, which you can't do otherwise.

Thus, it's fair to say that a reroll significantly impacts your adventure up to that point. And it isn't something that should be done on a whim. But if you're stuck on a difficult boss or you just don't like the world you've been given, you may want to consider doing the reroll.

After all, you don't really have to replay sections of the game, as it'll all be different. So, the tricky choice is up to you.

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